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Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on July 13, 2019 at 12:35 PM

A neuroscientist’s brilliant debunking of the notion of a ‘female brain’ could do more for gender equality than any number of feminist manifestos

There is no link to the print version of The National Post today. There are references to British newspapers. I fathom why it is so difficult for people to comprehend the change that is upon upon us. We are being rendered into a new state of mind alright a mind that does not possess gender. We are to be converted to an amalgam of silicon based life a cyborg as Elon Musk so well states. Robots do not have gender only the appearance of it.

The greatest weakness we possess is the inability to even appreciate the risk here. The deep state is so threatened they prefer to disarm the slaves before the revolt. They seriously overestimate their prey. Even after thoroughly being informed of the threat, the average person will refuse to comprehend it and willingly walk into the trap.

The ex-wife of a liberal MPP told me succinctly we would be enslaved before we figured this out. I'd hate to say she was right. Even though the means are clearly revealed in scholarly articles and briefing notes, the world sleeps. I see the scientists talking about the human monkey chimera's and sigh of a breath of hope that the instinct to avoid predators will be given mankind from their rival primates.

As I recall the local papers in Hawaii had headlines Japanese to attack on the weekend. Yet at dawn we slept.

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