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'Top secret' submarine's mysterious mission

Posted by George Freund on July 4, 2019 at 10:55 AM

The Russian sub at the centre of this week’s mysterious fatal fire is the most notorious and closely guarded of the country’s military fleet.

The submarine at the centre of the fire that killed at least 14 crew members in Arctic waters on Monday is the most mysterious and closely guarded of Russia’s fleet.

Russian officials have offered little on the circumstances surrounding the incident but the presence of several top ranking military officials on board suggests it was on a mission of great significance.

President Vladimir Putin said seven of the dead were Captain First Rank officers — the most senior staff officers in the Russian navy. Two were recipients of the Hero of Russia award which is only handed out by the president.

According to the defence ministry, the victims died from smoke and toxic fumes generated by a fire on board a “scientific research deep-sea submersible” mapping the sea floor.

It is believed the vessel in question is none other than the “Losharik”, an AS-12 nuclear powered mini spy sub which can operate at depths of up to 6000m — ten times that of a regular sub.

US authorities have previously accused Russia of attempting to intercept or sabotage communications via the Losharik’s extraordinary deep sea capabilities to tamper with or even sever underwater cables.


A Fire Engulfs Top Secret Russian Submarine, Killing 14 Sailors

Named for a cartoon horse, Losharik was built to carry out top-secret spy missions.

On July 1, a fire onboard a secretive Russian nuclear submarine killed 14 sailors before it was extinguished. The sailors were assigned to the Losharik, a small nuclear-powered submarine that is alleged to conduct underwater espionage activities. The cause of the fire is not known at this time.

The incident took place in Russian territorial waters north of the Arctic Circle. According to Russian state media the Losharik was engaged in “biometric research activities” when the fire broke out. TASS quoted the Russian Ministry of Defense, stating, “On July 1, in the Russian territorial waters on a research deep-water apparatus designed to study the bottom space and the bottom of the World Ocean in the interests of the Russian Navy, a fire occurred during bathymetric measurements.”

A conflicting report on Twitter claims that the fire took place not on Losharik itself but the mother submarine that carries, it Podmoskovye. Podmoskovye is a modified ballistic missile submarine designed to carry smaller special mission-engineering (read: spy submarines) like Losharik to operational areas.


The cartoon horse reveals much. There a source of light coming from the sky. I'd bet on the ancient alien connection. The sub was involved in biometric research. Were our AI friends being inserter or removed from the sub sea fiber optic cables? There were seven senior captains killed in the fire. That tells us the level of security was intense and the skills required immense. I would anticipate they were commanders of a submarine group being readied for a seriously advanced concept in conflict that would rival any science fiction up to and including war in the multiverse. 

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