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Octavia E. Butler 71st Birthday Google Doodle

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on June 22, 2018 at 10:00 AM

Octavia Estelle Butler was a black science fiction writer of repute. She died in 2006 and was born on the solstice in 1947 in Pasadena, California. She was shy and subjected to bullying. That led her to appreciate books and writing. She was fascinated with the science fiction genre. A notable feature in the magazines and stories of the era was the threat posed by the aliens. That would still appear to be the overriding theme. The invaders also seem to work by stealth to prevent humans from coming to grips with the extent of the threat. 

Those around her were well involved in the black power movement. However, Octavia empowered herself with the written word as opposed to the veiled threat of anarchy. In her novel Kindred she travels through time after experiencing a form of dizziness. She travels to 1815 Maryland and encounters her ancestors in the era before abolition. The cover of the novel is the basis for the doodle. The glaring difference is that Octavia becomes the center with shadows of space fanning out through the pages of the book until they cease at a white page outline. In the novel, Octavia morphs through time but is still the same person. The doodle embraces shadow people who are not of this Earth but a part of the script. 

The Last Dangerous Visions which was never published and the previous Dangerous Visions and Again, Dangerous Visions were anthologies of science fiction. The message is very clear. There are many dangerous visions on the horizon. Her Patternist series is quite unique. It details the secret history of ancient Egypt manifested into the future with telepathic mind control and a great plague. The first book Wild Seed details an entity that implants its consciousness into others and remains immortal feeding off them and a shape shifter controlling the body intent on creating a new race with selective breeding. The series progresses through a terrible plague to the novel Patternmaster where a schism exists in the future between the patternists a group of telepaths of high intelligence and breeding. They are entrenched in a system of hierarchy. This is becoming all the rage among the alien light being cult that feels like it has ascended past we other mere mortals. 

Her Xenogenesis trilogy explored the future nuclear war and the survival with alien life. They have three sexes. Imagine that. The human race is being magically transformed to adopt a gender outside of the traditional male and female. Are we under the dominion of an alien race? Are our leaders their administrators for their slave colony? They give birth to hybrid children. Most humans submit as they tend to do, but their are resister communities. 

Bloodchild and Other Stories continues with the alien theme. We have humans on a planet inhabited by insect based life forms. Humans are required to gestate their offspring. Of course, another theme revealed is that it is the aliens that have banned the guns to prevent a rebellion. Could it be the founding fathers were wise enough to think that there may have even been the need for the Second Amendment to protect us from extraterrestrial tyranny? Is this why governments are so loathe to embrace the concept of private firearms ownership? Is it that they have surrendered our planet to alien forces without ever even informing us? 

Addendum's to the book are Amnesty and Martha. In the former a character named Noah tries to convince humans to lose their fear over aliens even though she was a lab experiment. Were the fascist governments of the past working with aliens to conduct the gruesome experiments on prisoners in the WWII era? The other theme is governments are abusive to their people as well. So we might as well choose alien masters. However, if the aliens control our governments, then we leave the frying pan for the fire. At least we can pretend to control the governmental process. In Martha, Martha desires to build the perfect world and assume god like powers. However, like the present ascension cults they have none. They create artificial realities in their minds that exist outside the realm of God. They might be better described as hallucinations. They are not real. By abandoning what got us kicked out of Eden will allow a more perfect world. In the end times the value of everything returns to zero. I would speculate we should give up our vaunted money. He said that when he said follow me. 

In the Parable Series Octavia reveals a future dystopian California in the 2020's which is not very far away. Corporate greed, the environment and the gap between the rich and poor are major themes. The main character Lauren forms a movement called Earthseed. There has always been a lot of talk by new agers about community. Earthseed makes theirs in northern California. In the second book The Parable of the Talents Lauren's daughter Larkin reveals the trials of Earthseed's struggle with right wing Christians taking over their community and the reeducation process. We can clearly see the struggle with the liberal left and their anger and outright hatred of the religious right. If this be the case, then we are woefully prepared for this sort of struggle and truly must come to recognize the threat and deal with it ruthlessly. 

Her last book was titled fledgling. There is a species that drinks human blood. They are nocturnal vampires whose venom boosts the human immune system allowing extended life. Take note of the accusations against the elite rich practicing things like this. They are physically superior and heal quickly from injury. There are three families or tribes. There is conflict between them. One is isolated for elimination. They are the Silks. In the modern day world, they're trying hard to start a race war. I would suspect the Silks are the white people. This pretty much confirms the aliens are dark, Satanic creatures subverting the Earth. We must understand the books as outlined in the doodle and resist the attempts at domination. The pages fan out from Octavia in the doodle. That tells us the left, right paradigm is fallacious. Both sides are affiliated with dark elements. They claim to represent the 'light,' but it is Luciferian light. the pages of the doodle are outside of the human equation represented by Octavia in the middle. The invaders are trying to lure us into their trap. We resist by closing the book on them. They cannot enter lest we give them control over our thoughts and dominion over our institutions. As tares they are to be burned not adhered to. 

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