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Up to TEN people were hospitalised by 'mystery substance' as police extend cordon to include a pub near where Russian agent and his daughter were seen

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on March 6, 2018 at 2:50 PM

The police investigation centres on Salisbury's Zizzi restaurant, a nearby pub and the park where Skripal and his daughter Yulia were found on Sunday. CCTV shows a man and a woman walking between those two places shortly before 4pm. Witnesses say it is them

The Mill pub in Salisbury is latest building to be sealed off in poison probe

It follows branch of Zizzi's and local park which are all placed behind cordon

Wiltshire force say they have no idea how long the areas will remain secured

Police continue to appeal to any members of the public for information

PUBLISHED: 10:07 EST, 6 March 2018 | UPDATED: 13:34 EST, 6 March 2018

Two days after a former Russian double agent and his daughter were found 'catatonic' in an English city centre and precious few details have been officially announced about what happened.

But the investigation has spiraled from a routine police call-out to suspected drug-addicts, to a huge Scotland Yard probe, a briefing for Theresa May by the National Security Council and a discussion in the House of Commons.

The police hunt for clues in the investigation has meanwhile led from the bench where the pair were found, to the shutdown of a hospital's A&E department and a scouring of the spy's suburban home.

Today, a large pub in Salisbury became the latest city centre business to be closed by police as they search for clues in what experts have suggested could be an 'assassination by poisoning'.

It has also emerged that up to ten people, including two police officers, were hospitalised, with one member of emergency services still receiving treatment.

Sergei Skripal (left, in 2006)


The traditional punishment in the KGB was to be thrown into a kiln and burned alive. Recruits were shown a film of the consequences at the beginning. The coiled snake and Don't Tread on Me can be spoken in Russian too.

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