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Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on February 27, 2018 at 10:35 AM

There is something amazing happening right before our eyes. In the political cartoons I've seen a return to the style of cartoons the Nazi's used to alienate the Jews before WW2. The exact same style and techniques are being used to vilify gun owners and the NRA the new eternal Jew.

It has gone so far that freedom of association to the new Jews has been suspended. They can openly be discriminated against and denied services other groups can have like discounts or one of the more chilling denying banking services. The First National Bank of Omaha has severed credit card ties with the group.

The above Nazi cartoon shows the evil of Jewish money in its buildup to Orwell's Two Minutes of Hate now made 24/7. The present day Nazi's of George Soros' left portray an NRA that uses its money to coerce Congress and lure children into the trappings of the evil 2nd Amendment.

You can even see the face of the NRA is made to resemble the infernal Jew of the Nazi propaganda masters.

We can easily replace the banker with Congress or President Trump while the NRA's Wayne Lapierre pours the wine of wealth in front of the poor victimized people.

The evil Wayne Lapierre is the eternal Jew here villainizing the poor unfortunate volk of America. The funny thing here if we apply logic that terrible archaic tool of discernment to the sign he is carrying, what does the State do? It does the same thing. It arms the police with military grade weapons like the fully automatic version of the AR15 to be the good guys taking on the bad guys. So a civilian good guy is somehow a threat or menace to to public safety. It is better the good guys are shot to death or held hostage than allow them to exercise the rights of the free republic and the basic animal kingdom right to survive when threatened with death and grievous bodily harm.

This is the classic gun free zone cartoon isn't it?

The methods of propaganda are the same. One wore a uniform. One operates in plain clothes. The object is still the same control over the dominion of the earth and its people. The allies fought for a New World Order and still do. The axis fought for what Juan Peron the Argentine dictator called the New Christian Order. That was the Vatican's ideation they never taught you in school.

It's all about the children you see. Hitler never cared about the mature. He had the children and they were in his schools just like the ones espousing Hillary's village.

The NRA is our misfortune. They cheat us into accepting the Bill of Rights and the Constitution that we need to do away with to have a complete and total police state that we can control. These treasonous dogs use propaganda very well just like their National Socialist masters.

Shouldn't you feel like a total fool succumbing to the vilest form of propaganda the world has ever known? When you see these images do you understand they are programming your mind like a computer virus to force you to not only relinquish your right to bear arms but your constitutional republic? Don't you understand that the major thing to happen before a genocide is the confiscation of arms to prevent it from happening. Gun control is holocaust denial.

We see the children being used as tools of the spin doctors to divide and conquer. We are our own worst enemies when we fall for that technique. However, that is one of the main human weaknesses. We can secretly crave a desire to master and exploit our fellows over an imaginary difference created by the appropriate spin doctor.

Of course the Mainstream mass mind control media doesn't really attack other lobby groups like BIG PHARMA that anesthetizes the minds of people and turns many of them into psychotic killing machines because they draw a serious amount of revenue from them also. They also get paid well by the gun control lobby.

We have a model society being crafted by the anti-gun socialists just like the Nazi ant-gun socialists. Those loyal to the republic are painted as dark, sinister forces when in truth it is the other way. The founding fathers are being maligned in the propaganda mills with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Never before has America been under such threat from internal enemies.

It is said that the object of this is to light the fuse in a civil war that that will be the red line that causes free men and women to take up arms for the republic. I am no fan of war or conflict. It is the devil's tool to be sure, but the above documents were not prepared by victims. They were prepared by the victors. You must decide now what you are and what you will condemn future generations to be.

The traitors are easy to spot. They are portrayed in Orwell's Two Minutes of Hate tirades 24/7. They will get the traitor's reward when the time comes. George Washington had to hang them in his day. We put them on TV to malign what should be the greatest system of government ever created on this earth. The rest will be up to God if you should fail. Stand firm for old glory. She wasn't sown to be pulled down, but to fly in perpetuity. Gun owners may be vilified as the new Jews of the 21st century holocaust, but they are the well armed militia authorized by the 2nd Amendment. God bless them and the republic.

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