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Trump calls for arrests after protesters interrupt his Kansas City rally as crowds are pepper-sprayed by cops outside in second day of clashes

Posted by George Freund on March 13, 2016 at 9:40 AM

Kansas City Police used pepper spray twice on demonstrators outside of Donald Trump's rally at The Midland Theatre on Saturday night

Officials say two people were arrested for refusing to follow the law

Meanwhile Trump urged police to arrest protesters, saying: 'The only way to stop the craziness is to press charges'

Earlier Saturday Thomas Dimassimo, 22, was arrested in Dayton, Ohio after rushing the stage at Donald Trump's rally

Before attending the rally, he tweeted about his plans to disrupt the event

Trump addressed yesterday's violence in Chicago at his rally as a 'planned attack' caused by 'professional people'

At the Chicago rally two police officers were injured and five people were arrested - more than 10,000 people had officially RSVP'd to protest there

The Chicago Police Department said that four people were charged and they range from aggravated battery to resisting arrest


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