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Posted by George Freund on March 22, 2014 at 1:00 PM

Marvin the Martian said, "You're making me very, very angry." At least on Mars they don't drink fluoridated water that makes you docile. They retain the emotion that can apply pressure to the system to actually allow 'CHANGE' that you can believe in. I used to laugh at the talk show hosts that would regularly state, "What do you think that we all get together in some room somewhere and create the news and opinion in the media?" The short answer is, "YES!"

“[T]he common interests very largely elude public opinion entirely, and can be managed only by a specialized class whose personal interests reach beyond the locality.”


Former CFR board member Walter Lippman, Public Opinion (1922)

We have been exposed to the light shadow society of elite traitors enshrined in Pratt House in New York City called the Council on Foreign Relations a pseudo government that key players in elections and administrative posts are selected from. We have all the freedom in the world to pick any leader we want that has been vetted by the power establishment through their fealty to the CFR and the money trusts. To debate any issue on a political basis without taking into account the influence of the robber barons who fix the debate and rig the elections is a futility that is not permitted on Mars. We are the victims of an all persuasive slick propaganda campaign. To argue in the permitted left right paradigm is a complete waste of time and effort because both sides were selected from the same stink tank. Once freed from the trap of informational prostitution, the individual enters a thought void where they can be overcome, or they must continue on a mission to Mars to clear the matrix of destabilizing factors. It is a soul contract with God for the liberation of the human species.

Martians learned a long time ago to teach their children the finer points in the power matrix. They learned to change the channel because the mind is the ultimate super computer; and if they left the responsibility to others, malware would be inserted in the place of knowledge. This malware would encourage the sublime and continue the pursuit of false paradigms in the limited scope of the established matrix without the possibility of resolution never mind revolution. It is dastardly to be sure but also very successful because without the knowledge, the mind stumbles on the malware and denies the evidence of the hidden, unseen hand that is pulling the strings and orchestrating the chaos that impoverishes the people while keeping them in a perpetual state of bondage with the programmed feeling of freedom of thought.

The next stop along the line takes us to the Trilateral Commission. When Martians ask Earthlings to take them to their leader, they stand aghast at the fact the Earthlings have absolutely no idea overall who their leaders are. They firmly adhere to the puppets installed by the various money and brain trusts with little to no ability to discern the true power establishment that actually rules their planet. It further enrages Martians to have to tolerate a code of universal ignorance based on malware inserted into the human mind. The Trilateral Commission is another powerful organization feeding on the mass ignorance of the people who thrive on useless trivia of the circuses devised by the power establishment. Earthlings devote large portions of their life festering over the mundane while supporting the money trust matrix with their earnings while they suffer severe economic turmoils of debt and loss of industry to the benefit of the slave masters. The Trilateral Commission make no bones never mind Skull & Bones about the fact their master is Satan and the leaders of the Earthlings are wholly committed to the establishment of his kingdom. 

Essentially liberal internationalists from Europe, Japan and the United States, the liberal wing of the intellectual elite. That’s where Jimmy Carter’s whole government came from. [...] [The Trilateral Commission] was concerned with trying to induce what they called ‘more moderation in democracy’ – turn people back to passivity and obedience so they don’t put so many constraints on state power and so on. In particular they were worried about young people. They were concerned about the institutions responsible for the indoctrination of the young (that’s their phrase), meaning schools, universities, church and so on – they’re not doing their job, [the young are] not being sufficiently indoctrinated. They’re too free to pursue their own initiatives and concerns and you’ve got to control them better.

Noam Chomsky

The next stop along the line is the infamous Bilderberg Group founded in 1954 at the  Hotel de Bilderberg in Oosterbeek, Netherlands where they held their first secret meeting. Earthlings seem to be quite complacent with regard to having their destinies decided in secret by unaccountable individuals who establish control of their planet without the slightest care or concern of the influence over their chosen puppet master. It does not bode well in their deeply rooted belief that there is a process of evolution associated with life on Earth. Earthlings seem incapable of broader understanding and have a very limited idea of their own history even though it is available in various archives situated around the planet. An organization named Bilderberg was founded by a German who joined the Nazi Party and was active in the Sturmabteilung or brown shirts as they were known and the Reiter-Schutzstaffel (SS Cavalry Corps). He was, of course, Bernhard Leopold Friedrich Eberhard Julius Kurt Karl Gottfried Peter Prinz zur Lippe-Biesterfeld or more simply Prince Bernhard of The Netherlands. He further worked for the German chemical giant IG Farben the makers of Zyklon B gas. He worked in an intelligence capacity there. Earthlings seem to be enamoured at sowing the seeds of their own destruction with unofficial University Degrees in Applied Ignorance. The proves a devolution of species not an evolution.

There are no pictures commonly available of Bernhard in the days of brown shirts or the SS which granted him the honorary rank of Colonel. We can see from the above image that they were just a bunch of well meaning young people with a propensity to consuming beer and taking over the world. Prince Bernhard was a pilot and flew with the RAF in WWII. He rose to command the Dutch military in a typical quantum experiment where Earthlings are in two positions at once. That does add a little confusion to the relations with Mars because we never really understand what the leaders of Earth stand for. They change their stripes easily as the winds blow. They meet in secret and conspire for profit against other Earthlings. It is a strange planet. He founded the World Wildlife Fund with other right leaning masterminds. He fell from grace after getting caught in the Lockheed bribery scandals. Earthlings seem to appreciate leaders who have a checkered past.

In England, Prince Bernhard asked to work in British Intelligence but the War Admiralty, and later General Eisenhower's Allied Command offices, did not trust him sufficiently to allow him access to intelligence information. However, on the recommendation of Bernhard's friend and admirer, King George VI, who was also of German aristocratic descent via his great-grandfather Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, and after being personally screened by intelligence officer Ian Fleming on behalf of Churchill, he was later permitted to work in the Allied war planning councils.

Earthlings also seem to be obsessed with their body components like the Skull & Bones. Young university students are screened to join this nefarious secret society and their leaders are vetted or as they say on Earth 'tapped' to key positions of responsibility. With this group too leaders work to the detriment of Earth society to profit their inner circle of secret societies with war and conflict and the outright degradation of the species with starvation and disease while smothering themselves in opulence and professing outright sainthood. The humans acknowledge this and actually lobby these secret societies to destroy their institutions and eliminate the species while acquiring their wealth. The cranial malware is deeply embedded. For even after facing truths concerning their circumstances they resume their previous programming and their minds go to sleep. It is a bizarre existence on that planet Earth. 

“If the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderbergers are simply innocent well-intentioned people working to bring about a peaceful and prosperous world, as they claim, then why all the secrecy? Why all the front organizations, some of which are the antithesis of others? Why do they obviously distrust public attention? Which leads to the single most important question: If they do create a centralized one-world government, what's to prevent some Hitler-like tyrant from taking control?” - Jim Marrs, “Rule by Secrecy”

Lastly a long standing 'secret' society Kappa Beta Phi has been revealed in the news. The Wall Street Chapter was founded in 1929 with other chapters dating back to 1912. They appear to recruit membership based on the acquisition of a fiat currency called the dollar. After a billion or more are collected, they can be recruited for membership. They call their leader the Grand Swipe partly in recognition of the fact they acquire their dollars by convincing other Earthlings that their financial system is collapsing so that they collectively borrow more dollars from a bank to the point they almost bankrupt themselves so that the leaders can meet in a posh hotel and joke about it. It is an insanely run system that the Earthlings submit to. It would not be recommended to export it to other planets. A simple economy devoted to the wellbeing of all would be far less complicated due to the fact cranial malware is not downloaded into minds. Every Martian knows who his leader is, and due to the openness of the society there is no need to register the disintirgrator guns. It is a burning issue with one Kappa Beta Phi member former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to do just that. The leaders are terrified the Earthlings will find out about the system whereby they are looted and enslaved to the amusement of their leaders. They must have little faith in their malware program. They fear deprogrammers as well. It would make good sense to isolate the planet Earth from the galaxy to prevent the malware from spreading. The full list of leaders of Kappa Beta Phi is available to Earthlings, but they refuse to look.


Michael Bloomberg – former New York City mayor

Jon Corzine – New Jersey Governor

Laurence D. Fink – CEO of BlackRock

Richard Grasso – former head of the New York Stock Exchange

David Komansky – former CEO of Merrill Lynch

Sallie Krawcheck – former head of Citigroup's wealth management division

Kenneth Langone – former chair of the New York Stock Exchange compensation committee

Martin Lipton – founding partner of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz

Alan Schwartz – former President of Bear Stearns

Robert Rubin - former U.S. Treasury Secretary, former co-chair of Goldman Sachs

Mary Shapiro – Chairperson of the Securities and Exchange Commission

Diana Taylor – former New York State Superintendent of Banks

Sanford Weill – former CEO of Citigroup

John C. Whitehead – former chair of Goldman Sachs & Co.

We must be prepared to defend Mars from Earthlings and their leaders until they deprogram themselves and see the truth of the deceptions perpetrated upon them in the name of dollars. Earth is a dangerous and foreboding planet. It is recommended Martians detour around it and never ever ask an Earthling to take us to their leader. 


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