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Posted by George Freund on January 4, 2014 at 7:40 AM

I have been remiss with the latest doodle, but the local boys were on the ball. They even started the decoding. They were quick to notice the hands on the caricatures were using semaphore an old manner of naval communication. In the video presentation that is more noticeable.

Of course of the millions that observe the obvious, few actually see it.

This doodle is done in plain language. It is a suspend operation order most likely. The 2 caricature is pointing up with right hand and down with the left. That is the term for CANCEL!


Cancel / Annul

Disregard previous signal

The O caricature has his arms raised at 45 degrees. That is the letter U or Uniform in radio parlance.

U Uniform

The 1 caricature has both hands moving to the side together. They are in the lower quadrant. They go to both sides. I would suspect he is coding H Hotel and Z Zulu.

H Hotel

Z Zulu

The 3 caricature has both hands pointing down at a 45 degree angle. That is the letter N November.

N November

The final caricature the number 4 has both hands down in front. That is the symbol for rest or space as in punctuation.

Rest / Space

These caricatures spell CANCEL UHZN REST. That is all well and good, but what is UHZN? Using the search engine in an image search, we found a wikileaks document filed with a lot of linguistic gibberish on U.S. military associations with Iran after the 1954 coup.

If the jibberish has a deeper meaning, it is copied below.


nnvqrmxens Q mumv sums Iilhiilh! sussxw wm M xmmw um APU :L ' VIHSBD S‘I.\‘$·§ MEUR ASSISTANCE AINISDIE GRDUP AN 205, c/e HI, RX, N!. mmm ¤@ 1.5 awww- ws:. mmm 1 ERIE-HMG cmwzm-1•u.¤¤ mx mmgmlsetim Etiavtlh thin dnb, KnerSg··s;·t¤rn United Bums lsluex-y Iliealuu with the mwm any me Hudqwrwn mw Sinha Hiliuu |·¤ci¤¤¤¤=• KM-¤¤f! ’¤r¤¤1= Inn an nwrgudwd and mmeluebd me enuhsel insuxtiqmuenlm weber 3,.*; Gabe! 26 August 1954. The nmsedljdeba hndqunrhere in uttuullq designated *1; Heuaqmrun umm sum. nunq mem um ua Ixnukn new mx muws Q ;,. Swim ltilitsrg Aneietemu Mmm Gray he Inn, It ny in infcredlr nh te en Eeulquu-hre LRIIYSLMIMD. Bustin: II Staff hmmuhnte The {alluring prlmipel nat! enipmnte ere eiunumodn Actin: Chhf . ........ .»....... ........ .. Colonel Ishdn A. llecmn, Jr., UHZN, · _Q Leeisunt chief of Btdf, G1 .... ........ Lt Gul Ihtt VLC. Bristol Jr., WND'!. _ A¤e1¤<=•m. mn at aux, G2 ..... ..... .. Meier Jacque nr. L*K:n¤•, mma, Int; Asaletent me er sum, ns ....... ..... mm1 Herald}. mmmxm, @2.95, · , hehtant Ubin! at Sud, G4 ............ Gulcnel Fuse 3. Bu-tn:. ¤B731A71, N Chief, Mx Secticu .................,..... Gclmzoi Gauge G,. Nave-ug, ABM., USAF, Chief, New Smzuun ... ..... ............. Sounder Hmm G.uu

A deeper penetration of the message might very well include the colored squares at the bottom and the second O in GOOGLE at the top. The dance globe may signify the actual globe. Either way I think we are really on to something. I think the relentless pressure we apply to the secret societies and their ilk is paying off. There is only one source to understand and decode the Google doodles. We see the twilight language and affect future events by doing so. If the IRAN operation has been cancelled, we may rest for a little while at least.

In another interpretation. If we just examine 20134 s it appears, we get the ZIP code for Purcellville, Virginia. There are references to a bar in Paris, France at 11 Rue Montagne Sainte Geneviève; and a section of the United States Code pertaining to rail crossings. Purcellville is known for a railway station. 

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