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INTEL Update (Real News) - "Suicide Flight" 8/14/18

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on August 14, 2018 at 6:00 PM

The recent 'suicide flight' of the Q400 airplane in northwest America was a covert operation by the good guys to destroy the cabal base at Ketron Island from which a decommissioned sub the USS Richard B. Russell fired a missile at Air Force 1 to kill Trump on his way to his meeting with North Korean President Kim Jong Un.

Mothballed fleet at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility

The suicide Plane Marked Q400 was a drone designed to crash into the secret cabal base after the Trailing F15 jet fired its kill shot into the site. (the flight path was a 'Q' pattern)

The island also had a Cemex plant on it where children’s blood (after sacrifice) could be mixed within the cement.

Spec ops troops concluded that at that time there were no children in the facility which had been under observation since the Trump incident.

There is a hidden bloodline agenda (by ten Mafia Bloodlines and the Jesuits) to depopulate the earth via the Chimera Group (Insectoid ET Race) so they can inhabit earth...and is being carried out by their cabal / illuminati minions who have taken control of governments and nations all over the world.

All the dark satanic work coming from the vatican is based on this ET race.

The $289 million decision against Monsanto Roundup will lead to more people waking up about the cabals plans against earth and its inhabitants.

The California wildfires are designed to sterilize the earth (which harms food production) so the elite can take over that State (as well as other western states) for control of the population. (Governor Jerry Brown is a Jesuit Priest)

The cabal controlled U.S. Military has been using HAARP to burn off the protective ozone allow solar radiation to penetrate earth.

Advanced Extraterrestrials are placing protection over the planet for our safety.

JFK knew that the space race was an excuse to get killer weapon platforms in orbit... pointed at earth...for depopulation. (which is another reason why he was killed)

Trump is still in the cross hairs of these 10 Bloodline families as he fights to restore our nation...expose cabal and drain the swamp.


A nice tall tale except the USS Richard B. Russell was scrapped in 2003. However, there were many other possible delivery platforms. So it could be the case. They just reported the wrong vessel launching a missile.

Bizarre streak over naval station triggers conspiracy theory attempt on Air Force One

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