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Posted by George Freund on October 25, 2011 at 8:50 AM

Now that the fine details are starting to emerge the possibility that the execution of Muammar Gaddafi was a carefully crafted illusion has to be considered.

One of the first glaring errors was the number of shooters claiming responsibility and the number of weapons that did the deed. Then you read the fine print and discover that it was Muammar's own body guard that fired the shot into the stomach. Now hold on a minute. That implies a man on a mission. His mission was to eliminate a Gaddafi double in glorious Technicolour closing the book on the case. It is an old trick used for centuries and we still fall for it.

One of the rebels who said he took part in the capture said Gaddafi was shot and wounded at the last minute by one of his own men.

'One of Muammar Gaddafi's guards shot him in the chest,' said Omran Jouma Shawan.


One of the other very dubious parts of the story was the fact that his daughter Aisha just happened to call his mobile phone moments after he was shot. EXCUSE ME! What wingnut fleeing the surveillance vacuum of NATO and the United States would be carrying a mobile phone? His daughter would be sentencing him to death by calling because even if he had a one time throw away, the NSA would be monitoring all calls never mind hers. 

Aisha, who happened to call him on a mobile phone minutes after he was shot.


'Aisha called and one of the revolutionaries answered her,' the commander said. 'He said: ''It's over. Abu Shafshufa died''.'

Using a nickname derived from Gaddafi's distinctive long ringlets he said that 'Old Fuzzhead' had been an affront to decency.

And speaking of OLD FUZZHEAD the body at the morgue was wearing a wig. That really implies that we had another fuzzhead not Muammar. Of course we could be wrong, but the script said clearly that he was pulled by the hair. Why didn't the wig come off? We got to find out where he gets his fuzz.

Another video shows Gaddafi being heaved off the bonnet of the truck and dragged towards a car, then pulled down by his hair.

Gaddafi’s wig: A dictator undone by vanity?

So there we have it. This little flick has got to be Academy Award material Best Foreign Film, Best Actor, Best Screenplay, Best Director, Best Special Effects and the new one Best Fraud by an Intelligence Agency.

Good job Moe. I only had to fake a birth certificate.

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