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Posted by George Freund on October 16, 2011 at 8:40 AM

We in the conspiracy game may be the most maligned in the media game, but sometimes we're at the front of the pack in the dastardly plots to circumvent constitutions and deceive the people. We know from the history of the intelligence agencies that they have always been the apparatus of the elite rich and monarchies. They have employed devious and cruel means including murder and torture. It almost looks like the good old days are being scheduled to return.

Of course survival depended on the use of codes and ciphers to get past the dragnet of the opposing sides. That is a given here. It is rocket science in other places. As a case in point Sir Robert Baden Powell known as the founder of scouting was also a military intelligence officer. He disguised his drawings of military installations in butterflies and moths. And of course he developed a code to conceal messages from potential hostiles. 

Part Two. Conveying Information—Secret Signals and Warnings—Spies in War Time—The Pluck of a Spy—Traitorous Spying—The German Spy Organization—The Value of Being Stupid—Concealing a Fort in a Moth's Head—Butterfly Hunting in Dalmatia.

The position of each gun is at the place inside the outline of the fort on the butterfly where the line marked will; the spot ends. The head of the butterfly Points towards the north.

As on old scout myself, I understand the meaning of being prepared. Having items to safeguard your life in trying circumstances is essential. I also understand that it is fundamental to be mentally prepared. In that regard you have to have the capacity to think for yourself and recognize patterns. I see these age old tricks being used again in the Google doodles and badges. There was an age old saying that went one picture was worth a thousand words. Look at a picture and start writing. Then see what you missed with your limited initial observation. Do check out the link and study Baden Powell's techniques. The value of being stupid is a classic as well.

Now we advance to the present day. I see harmless illustrations all over. One unusual place is on the Google page. We have looked at many of them like the butterfly above. We started writing our 1,000 words. We found there was something deeper revealed.

The distinctive blue arrow that we deduced to the end run of a remote controlled model airplane blue in colour even was exactly what one of the recent terror plots entailed. A patsy was to fly a remote controlled model jet fighter into the Pentagon. We read our picture and found that out a week prior to his arrest. Because we revealed this over a mass audience the plot was stopped prior to completion. In a further Google doodle we saw a character from the Muppets with a tower for a neck get attacked by a red and a blue character. The blue character failed. The red didn't. It destroyed the tower. Any one the least familiar with the character Beaker knows his neck wasn't a tower. We surmised there was a red part to the terror event to be staged as well.

Even though it wasn't released to the media Operation Red Coalition was stymied in New York September 29th. The arrest of Mansour J. Arbabsiar was news October 12. I think the elite rich, and believe me Google is rich, still use these types of images to reveal their plots to their network in a manner the masses fail to see. It is brilliant because no amount of surveillance can get the goods. Hundreds of millions could look at the code and you have no idea who was acting on its instructions.

With regard to Mansour he was portrayed as having been stupid a common ploy with a deep cover agent. He did lose his keys and cell phones regularly we are told, but they could have been stolen as well by the intelligence agencies to gain control of him. He was arrested in 2001 for theft. The charges were dropped. With his Middle Eastern background that implies how he was turned to be an agent for America. The story he was under control of Iran seems farfetched. The fact he was to use a Mexican drug gang to assassinate the Saudi ambassador leaves much to chance. I'm sure the Iranians could deploy one of their own. But this part of the story makes me believe the sinister part of Operation Fast and Furious where the BATFE supplied high powered weapons to Mexican drug gangs was an intelligence operation possibly related to Mansour. Of all the people in the world he chose to contact was an informant with the DEA. I can't see the Iranians taking a chance like that in an act of war. The U.S. would like to snare Iran in said act to fire back.

9 US Sheriffs Announce Press Conference to Call for Holder's Resignation



Mansour with noticeable scar from knife attack in college.


His Iranian accomplice, Gholam Shakuri, escaped for some reason. It must be remembered too that the Saudi's were heavily involved in 9/11. They also hosted the Bush junta for years under the umbrella of their national security apparatus while they were out of power during the Clinton years. Eric Holder the patriot extolling the plot to kill the ambassador was the administration lackey sending weapons to Mexican drug gangs. On Conspiracy Cafe we let others play stupid. We put the wooden stake in the heart of the evil.

In another twist Federal authorities never contacted Corpus Christi Police to view their arrest files on Mansour. In fact they were surprised to hear about it. One would think if you were completing a very serious invesigation that would be one of the first things you'd do. Unless you were making it all up anyway.

Corpus Christi authorities meet to discuss communication following arrest in alleged terror plot

Mr. Holder accomplished another coup getting the underwear bomber to plead guilty to all charges thereby avoiding a trial where they got caught by a reliable witness, Kirt Haskell, a lawyer who saw a 'man in a dark suit' put him on the plane without a passport or security check. Umar Abdulmutallab's father was a banker in Kenya. He reported his son's intentions to the CIA in 2009. Umar was put on a watch list. That's icing on the cake of treachery.

Media Blackout: Underwear Bomber set to call truth telling lawyer witness at trial

'Underpants bomber' Abdulmutallab pleads guilty‏

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