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Posted by George Freund on October 2, 2011 at 7:45 AM

This has always been a tough one for me because we have had affiliation with several of the programs and hosts on the CIA Fakes list. However, I believe in laying the cards on the table face up and letting people have as much information as I can find. 

Being a talk radio junkie, I have run into the invisible wall many, many times and could only deduce there were forces at play that I didn't fully understand. In time a kindly professor gave me quite a reference material on the CIA. I learned about Operation Mockingbird the infiltration and control of the media.

I started to become deeply ingrained in alternative media. However, as a reporter and researcher myself, I uncovered serious stories on various conspiracies including 9/11. I brought these issues to the fore on many of these venues only to get the same cold, icy stare I used to get from corporate media. You scratch your head and wonder. There can only be one answer. Operation Mockingbird got control of alternative media too. One would be extremely naive to think differently.

From the material below, I see there was a distinct frame work to conspiracy in the controlled opposition format. I exceeded that model many, many times. When I did there were distinct limits to what we thought we all extolled - free speech.

We do preach that the perpetrators of 9/11 and other terror do use their Operation Mockingbird controlled press to warn or relish their upcoming plots. The New York Times B Thing was such a warning. The media's role in renting rooms for the 9/11 terrorists was such a story. The Rupert Murdoch capers pushed the envelope on the child abduction and murders. The Flight Termination System that controls up to 8 aircraft in flight was another. The controlled opposition just blended in with the wood work over that much truth.

After my last appearance on The Power Hour, something changed. I didn't get the customary thank you E-mail and link to the show. A CIA front company called Quantcast started hacking in my computer. Then the cold icy stare came from GCN. Your services are no longer required. We exceeded the authorized level of conspiracy allowed in the model extrapolated below. I've seen it so many times before, I can smell it.

There are elements of Operation Mockingbird in GCN. Make no mistake about it. They don't wear large signs saying CIA MAN. They infiltrate and mingle and get close to you selling their souls for the nasty lucre. You would never suspect because you can't see them. They may even be your most trusted friends or family. How many children have turned in the parents to the State in history? The Benedict Arnold story must still ring ears in American history. 

They are masters of Orwellian double speak. They have a suave explanation for everything. But I see them by feeling the effects of their presence. I learned there was a CFR and a Bilderberg Group by observing how all politicians sway in the invisible breeze.

Even before learning about Mockingbird, I saw it in the actions and reactions of the media. I see it again. The people behind Joyce make a lot of her decisions for her. She has no deep knowledge of why they make them in certain ways that benefit the NWO. I get the double speak about being re-scheduled. I say O.K. when? There's no answer. So we're not rescheduling, we're cancelling. Those are two very different things. Then the producer claims his day back in perpetuity. That's still a re-scheduling in Orwellian double speak, and I find myself persona non grata for noticing it. Well I'm not a CIA Fake for what it is worth. I do like to think Joyce is too nice a person to see the tentacles in her fold. Even the mighty Caesar didn't see Brutus until it was too late. That's the way predators work. There are things you are NOT supposed to know. The only place you can find out is at the point of the sword Conspiracy Cafe. 

The Official Parameters of 9/11 Conspiracy

A. Official story:

CIA/FBI were incompetent; Bush and/or Clinton were complacent.

B. Official Lame Conspiracy:

CIA/FBI were incompetent; Bush/Cheney maybe let it happen; Israelis Knew.

C. Official LIHOP Conspiracy:

CIA/FBI were compromised; Bush/Cheney did let it happen; Israelis Helped.

D. Official LIHOP Wild Conspiracy:

CIA/FBI compromised; Bush/Cheney/Neocons let it happen; Israelis Did It.

E. Official LIHOP Tinfoil Conspiracy:

Israelis/Neocons/Bush/Cheney Did It; CIA/FBI looked the other way.

F. Official MIHOP 'Serious' Conspiracy:

Israelis/Neocons/CIA/FBI/Bush/Cheney/Military-Industrial-Complex Did It.

G. Official Loony Conspiracies:

Rothschilds and/or Rockefellers and/or CFR and/or Bildebergers did it.

Jews and Jewish bankers -who already run everything- did it.

Satanists, Opus Dei or Reptilians did it.

It's a terrific variety of theories.

It plays out something like this:

The mainstream media push version A; hint at B; sneer at G.

The controlled right/intellectual media pushes version B.

The controlled left/intellectual media pushes version C.

The 'moderate' Fake internet sites push versions C and D.

The 'softcore' Fake internet sites push versions D and E.

The 'independent' Fake internet sites push version F.

The 'loony' Fake interent sites push variations of version G.

But every single one, from A to G are OFFICIAL versions, sanctioned and promoted by the 9/11 intelligence coverup operation and their CIA Fakes network. They have a flavor for every market.


The creation of this multiplicity of explanations is a core element of the coverup. Left to their own devices, people on the Internet might have figured out the truth themselves. But with this circus in action, there is always plenty of distraction and lots of division in opinion.


The intelligence coverup is not trying to stop 9/11 conspiracy theories on the internet. It's creating them. Then playing off supporters of the different theories against each other. That's a classic Cointelpro-style tactic.


The perpetrators knew that a sizeable segment of people were going to be pretty sure 9/11 was not as it seems. They don't mind that, for now. The immediate objectives are first, to to stop these skeptical views from gaining hold in mainstream opinion. Second, to prevent a coherent view forming which could convince a much broader number of people -particularly those on the political left. columnist Justin Raimondo, is as ever pushing the "Israelis Knew/Did It" angle on 9/11. Many other CIA Fakes are heavily promoting this line, because it's a key part of what the coverup hopes will forever be the main vaguely-hinted, but unproven conspiracy theory on 9/11: Bush, Cheney, and Mossad let it happen on purpose.


The CIA's Internet Fakes

by Fintan Dunne, Editor, 4th August, 2005




The CIA Fakes is a catchphrase term to describe a group which includes:

-- Covert Operatives of the CIA, NSA and DIA; of the U.S. Corporate/Military Industrial Complex; of the intelligence services of U.K. Spain, France Holland, Germany, and Russia.

-- Political Agents working within the Democratic Party, Republican Party, Democratic Black Caucus, Green Party, and Patriot Movement.

-- Politicians in the U.S., U.K. Spain, France, Germany and Russia --who pose as 9/11 skeptics.

-- Media, including Mainstream, Alternative Media and Internet broadcasting media who either front for, cooperate with, or are directly employed by intelligence services mentioned above.


The primary objectives of the CIA FAKES are:


-- To leverage the Fakes into position as the leadership/spokespersons

for the 9/11 skeptics movement.

-- To splinter and divide that movement.

-- To promote lame, tame and/or booby-trapped questions about 9/11.

-- To be sufficiently over-the-top as to prevent the 9/11 issue getting

any traction in the media or left-wing.

-- To ensure that the movement would not have a politically-active

leadership capable of turning it into an effective political lobby campaign.


The questions about 9/11 were bound to be asked, the important

aspect for the perpetrators was and is whom?

The CIA's Internet Fakes

by Fintan Dunne, Editor, 4th August, 2005

with &


For the last three years we have been quietly investigating the cover-up of the 9/11 attacks. Ours has been a wide-ranging inquiry which paid special attention to those who claim to be already exposing the truth.


During this time we have interviewed many people with alternative views on who were the real perpetrators. All the while, we kept our own counsel. Much of the time we played it as if we were uncritically buying the lines being put out on various alternative media.


We have examined a great deal of evidence and methodically traced the methods and networks used to mislead us all. Now we present the first of our findings.




We published 'Wag The WTC' investigative articles on the 9/11 attacks --just 7 and 14 days after the event. We knew then, as did many others, that the real planners were not 'Al-Qaida'. That's the easy part. The challenge was to actually determine -rather than merely guess: who did carry out the attacks?


In uncovering those perpetrators, we felt that an investigation of the cover-up would be as much --if not more-- revealing than our examination of the attacks themselves.


Our analysis of the cover-up shows it requires, and has used, the official intelligence resources of more that one state. One of the ways of deflecting investigators from this grim reality has been to spin the facts to allege that a 'rogue group' within government carried out the attacks.


But we now state that the depth and multinational scope of the cover-up shows no mere rogue group was involved. The 9/11 attacks and cover-up have covert governmental support -deployed through an intelligence framework.


What will be the most startling aspect of our investigation for many people is the vast scale of governmental control of the 9/11 movement and alternative investigators and media. From websites to commentators; from analysts to political personages, this has given the cover-up team unprecedented control of alternative media perceptions.


In short, the government is running not only the 9/11 movement, but also controlling the 9/11 issue in the alternative media. It was relatively easy to do so, because they have controlled both mainstream and alternative media and politics increasingly over the last twenty years. This was just an extension of those operations.





Here's a quote from a recent article on the UK Guardian: "The Chinese government, employs an estimated 30,000 internet police, as part of a long-standing policy to control the web so that it can be used by businesses but not by political opponents." [Source]


Think the ideology and practice of the USA would be any different? Of course not. Just well cloaked under a veneer of free expression.


In the US, it's less a case of internet 'police' and more a question of Internet fake opposition, misdirection websites, front organizations, pseudo-activist groups and a host of professional blogging and web journalism liars, acting in concert to create an impenetrable fog.


These people are all over the Internet They are all over the 9/11 issue; all over the 'stolen' election of 2004; behind the psychological operations designed to inspire fear of earth changes, of global warming, of the Super-State and the so-called New World Order; all over the landscape of anti-corporate, anti-fascist expression on the Internet.


This army of information controllers is all over the 'free' information you are getting on the Internet. Time we opened our eyes to see them. It's not just the mainstream which is controlled. From the moment the Internet became prominent, a vast budget has been expended to control all the high-trafficked intersections on the information superhighway.





Many of these sites/assets were put in place long before 9/11. A key goal was to ensure that if some truth must come out, it will be a truth designed and controlled by intelligence agencies --with agency assets in a position to ensure misdirection and damage limitation.


To this end, an orgy of evidence [See Minority Report Part I] in the form of deliberately misleading 9/11 'clues', were designed into the 9/11 operation from the start --to give these assets prearranged talking points with which to fill their column inches and programming. This has served to confuse and confound.


All this activity rose to a crescendo around the time the Kerry presidential bid hit it's planned implosion in the 'stolen' election. [The stealing of which was carefully managed in the controlled alternative media as a psychological operation against the left.]


The hyping of the 9/11 issue up until the 'defeat' of Kerry was designed to max out activist interest in the issue, then bury it with the aid of general post-Kerry, left-wing political disillusion -against the backdrop of division in the 9/11 Movement itself.


Also part of a similar confounding exercise were the subsequent 9/11 Movement 'flame wars', as different assets attacked each other to undermine their collective credibility and disillusion ordinary grassroots 9/11 truth activists.





A persistent theme of the disinformation spread by these assets is to portray the machinations of this elite group acting through the CIA/NSA/ETC. as if they originate from somewhere other than the US security/intelligence apparatus.


Suspicion is directed instead onto the Israelis, the 'City of London', 'International Bankers', The Rockefellers, The Bildebergers, and most infamously, the ill-defined, so-called New World Order. Of course, some of these elements are complicit in certain events, but the aim is to downplay the U.S. establishment's guiding hand and the broad CFR/corporate support.


Some may be surprised by the range and scope of the misinformation sites we have detailed, and may even be disconsolate to see the sheer scale of the social and political control which their virtually unlimited budget can achieve. All we can say is.... deal with it. We had to. It's better than us all flailing around in ignorance. And it explains why men and women of good heart have been getting nowhere.





This level of deception has been going on since the 1950's and 1960's at an accelerating rate. Following the psywar against civilians induced by the nuclear arms race 'crisis,' the subsequent JFK killing was indeed an assassination, but it was also at heart an extension of these 1950's nuke-scare psychological operations.


The killing of Kennedy was not necessary for political reasons -but it was a powerful tool for social control via psychological warfare. Kennedy was killed to deliberately drive the US population into a grief state which would hamper the development of political opposition.


This type of PsyOps directed at the civilian population was, and still is the modus operandi. By now, it has produced a range of operations as varied as AIDS, SARS, 9/11 and the G8/Live8 London bombing.





Given the number of assets deployed in support of the 9/11 operation, and the operational requirements of the 9/11 attacks themselves, their origin is now clear. 9/11 was not carried out by some 'rogue group,' nor was it a fully official US Government-sanctioned operation.


But it was orchestrated by the highest levels of the US Military and military-industrial complex; on behalf of the national and international politicians, corporates, and moneyed interests. It had, and still has the full support of the US Military/intelligence apparatus -who control much of the alternative media and the 9/11 movement.



The CIA Fakes

presented by


Note: We do not contend that everyone associated with these websites are knowing intelligence operatives. Some have been professionally manipulated, others merely misled. In any event these are promoting the psyop agendas and disinformation themes of the covert controllers. This is also not meant to be a fully comprehensive listing of all the fake websites.




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