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Posted by George Freund on September 29, 2011 at 9:10 AM

We at Conspiracy Cafe understand the deep, dark machinations of the plots of the NWO. We are specialists in intelligence strategies and tactics. Of course one of the most important of these is of course codes. Many have difficulty seeing the details of the riddles from the labyrinth. We don't. As you can plainly see from Google's Blue Arrow code in the September 22nd posting, we nailed their butts to the plot.

The decrypts take us to where they are going not to where we feel safe and comfortable. As an investigator, I always followed the principle of letting the evidence act as your compass wherever it leads. You have to be emotionally neutral or you will be led astray. I felt like I had not properly followed my leads when I worked on the Blue Arrow code. It led me to a model airplane guidance component and a blue fighter plane.

Of course today the terror world is alive with stories of Rezwan Ferdaus and his 5 foot six inch F-86 BLUE ARROW fighter plane model. Ostensibly it was supposed to be used to crash into targets like the Pentagon with a payload of explosives. While not exactly rocket science, it is still a threat. Of course the infiltrating agents can pull the plug on the STING operation because they were on the inside. We broke into the plot and exposed it by knowing that the insiders communicate in the open with their symbols of riddles. Having been reading them for many years I get very successful decrypts. This is one of them.

This was a team effort with Joyce Riley and The Power Hour. Albeit she doesn't understand the significance of the codes in NWO plots like some of us, but she let us play in her stadium and score the touch down. This was the winning goal in a come from behind game. The last thing I expected was that the lights would be turned out and  we'd be sent to the showers. We stopped a false flag attack by decoding The Blue Arrow code. We deducted a model airplane colour blue and even an old fighter plane. The remote control aspect was gravy. Tell me who else can do this?

We've done it before in Toronto with the false flag attack they were planning then. We were breaking the codes to know  there was an attack coming in the downtown core. We even found a map detailing 'the blast zone'. However, good old fashioned human intelligence spotted the authorities and reported to 'thegeorge'. We started surveillance and shut them down on talk radio including The Power Hour. How great is that? However, the reward was the same. I had a similar spot on AM640 MOJO Radio's A View From Space. We were given the boot, but we saved our town. In fact Lenny Bloom who did a show there too told us it was  President Bush who called Prime Minister Martin who called the radio network to get those guys off the air. Now we find ourselves on That Channel as a dynamic duo to win the propaganda war. So I've seen it all before. I just wonder who the President called at GCN to pull the plug again?

Monday's Power Hour should have been a joyous cause for celebration. We stopped a false flag terror episode. Instead America will do without real time intelligence that can make a difference. As I wrote Joyce and her producer may God have mercy on your souls because there will be a next time and will Conspiracy Cafe have enough zip to do it alone? If you listen, it will.

Of note in Obama's coded speech on 9/11 plus ten, he made reference to the fact they broke the bow. The arrow was still in tact and ready for launch. Conspiracy Cafe shot down the arrow with a good decrypt of the Google code.

The remote controlled blue arrow.


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