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Posted by George Freund on September 25, 2011 at 10:05 AM

They've come up with a cool one this time. If you pushed the buttons, it moved. As outlined below with keyboard controls, it moved a lot. What we have here with this doodle is something much more complex. The manipulation of the various functions makes this interactive display much like the old enigma coding machine with the letters on movable wheels. Only the holder of the setting for the day could know where to set the dials. It is the same here. Without knowing the coding sequence, there are millions of possibilities. We may never see the result. However, we can talk about Jim Henson and his role in coding for the NWO.


James Maury "Jim" Henson (September 24, 1936 – May 16, 1990) was an American puppeteer best known as the creator of The Muppets. As a puppeteer, Henson performed in various television programs, such as Sesame Street and The Muppet Show, films such as The Muppet Movie and The Great Muppet Caper, and created advanced puppets for projects like Fraggle Rock, The Dark Crystal, and Labyrinth. He was also an Oscar-nominated film director, Emmy Award-winning television producer, and the founder of The Jim Henson Company, the Jim Henson Foundation, and Jim Henson's Creature Shop. He died of Streptococcus pyogenes on May 16, 1990.

They left out The Muppets Take Manhattan.

Make no mistake about it. They knew. They drew this in 1976. As the Let's Roll blog site states, they build the towers to take them down. Henson's 1986 film Labyrinth is a keystone to the plot. What was the interior of the twin towers if not a labyrinth. Many of the survivor's stories center around leaving the staircases and ending up in voids of unpassable space. Was that destruction or design?


The pathways and openings in the walls of the Labyrinth change intermittently and are full of logic puzzles and tests. At its entrance, Sarah finds Hoggle, a curmudgeonly dwarf, killing fairies with a fly spray; she bribes him with her plastic jewelry to lead her through the maze. Although he helps Sarah, it is later revealed that he is working for Jareth. Sarah acquires other companions along the way: Sir Didymus, a chivalrous, fox-like knight, and Ludo, a gentle beast she rescues from a horde of Jareth's goblins. As Sarah and her friends venture through the Labyrinth, they encounter the Four Guards, where she must solve a Raymond Smullyan-inspired Knights and Knaves logic puzzle to avoid certain death; the detachable-limbed revelers known as "The Fire Gang", who try to remove Sarah's head; a detour through the Bog of Eternal Stench; a junkyard-like recreation of her own bedroom; and a hallucinogen-induced masquerade ball. There, Jareth attempts to distract her until the thirteenth hour by dancing with her. However, she wakes from this illusion and continues into his castle beyond the goblin city with barely enough time to spare.

The film climaxes in Jareth's multi-dimensional, Escher-inspired castle, wherein he makes a final appeal for her to abandon her quest and stay with him. She defeats him by reciting her monologue from the beginning of the film, including the final line that had so often eluded her: "You have no power over me!" The room crumbles away,...

Was the 'fire gang' the demoltion crew? Could the four guards be the designers of the plan. Was the reference to Jareth really working for the other side a clue our leaders are traitors. The most important thing and maybe the clue to Henson's pre-mature death is the realization they have no power over you unless you give it to them. That may not have gone over well. 

What this film shows is the inside of the towers - the staircases. Escher was a master of the staircase as a labyrinth. Suppose there were hollow floors from the start. Suppose there was national security space designed from the start for the collapse. Henson knew. He taught the children well from his 1976 illustration of Sesame Street.


ESCHER'S 1952 WORK Gravitation

House of Stairs 1951  

Can't escape the WTC. You were never meant to. Firemen can't get to the blaze. They were never meant to. The staircases were designed as labyrinths. Henson used coded warnings. They were not heeded. The difficulty is Henson's name and material are sending coded warnings for the 'other' side. Only on this forum can you see the forest through the maze and know there's trees. 

David Bowie Labyrinth. Will you escape?

Jim Henson Google doodle: hidden unused Muppet animations uncovered

September 25, 2011 Bill Palmer


by Bill Palmer


Today’s Jim Henson Google doodle, despite having no sound and limited interaction in comparison to some of Google’s past doodles such as Pac-Man, is one of the most beloved yet, according to instantaneous and overwhelming user feedback. The Muppet-themed Google logo also has more interactivity than it initially appears to, as readers have discovered and shared. The laudibles for Google’s Henson tribute today, which falls on what would have been the Muppeteer’s 75th birthday, run far and wide. “Just beautiful ! What a great way to give tribute to a creative mind. Makes you forget your age when teasing around the doodles,” brags Kris Malaysia. “Awesome work by google engineers,” beams Guhan. “One of the few people in this world we truly cried over losing,” admit Paul and Paula. “We miss you, Jim.” But the adoration for the Henson doodle runs deeper than mere plaudits, as some users have figured out how to bring Google’s Muppets to life in hidden ways…

The first “Easter egg” or hidden feature comes in the form of Muppet cannibalization. As Jim Moudy found out, “I was just randomly pushing the buttons underneath the characters, and E jumps up and ate L!” Punam and several other Beatweek readers managed to trip over the second one: “Press and hold down the button for the first “O”. He’ll start shaking his head and his glasses will be tossed up!” Melissa Maday is quick to point out that after his glasses fly off, they just happen to “come back down landing perfectly on his face.” There’s also keyboard fun to be had, as Christopher discovers: “If you press the Control Key, Shift Key, etc. (don’t push any “entry” key like a letter or number) it makes the characters mouth open and close. If you push the Caps Lock the mouth will stay in the open position.” Lee Sanders reveals yet another: “If you right click on a character and save it you get a picture of all the animation cells for that character.”


But that’s just the beginning. Canadian Nomad takes things a step further by digging into the underlying code and and taking screen captures of unused animations of the Muppets. For instance the second “O” manages to fall asleep while the second “G” is seen blowing his trunk. Poodle Power points out that “when you click on the puppets control button the eyes of the puppet follow your cursor as you move it around” while Joshua Hogan discovered that “the 3D effects are good enough that when you hold click on the yellow O and wave the mouse around and be able to see the visual effects inside the mouth.” The first “O” also does a second trick aside from tossing his glasses if you click and hold on him while moving your mouse around, as discovered by Zibri…


Finally, Andrew Petersen explains his rationale for why Google opted not to add any sound to the Henson doodle: “The doodle is silent because Jim Henson was a puppeteer. He created the voices for these characters himself, and Google is paying homage by letting you be the puppeteer. That means you have to make your own voices.” Melissa Delahunty agrees: “They are puppets ..puppets don’t make sound unless given a voice.” Although Dr. Xym shares a contrasting view: “I spent five minutes messing with it and I wondered why there was no sound. I think it’s broken as it is. I liked the Freddie Mercury doodle from a few weeks ago much more than this.”


Found more Jim Henson Easter eggs beyond the ones mentioned here? Share them below in the comments section so everyone can enjoy the fun. Here’s more on the Henson doodle.

Updated 5:10am PST with additional information on hidden doodle animations and additional Easter eggs discovered

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