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Posted by George Freund on September 11, 2011 at 10:15 AM

There are times when you're stopped in your tracks. Yesterday was one of them. What do you say when you're looking at an old magazine from September 3,1954 and you see the latest version of a flat screen monitor or even yet an all in one computer. I mean all you can say is are we really using alien technology and retrofitting it into our lives or have we been to the future and merged dimensions. Worse still the blog I found an enormous archive of the scientific future vaporized to oblivion by this morning. Fortunately some images were saved by other time travelers.

OMNI ALL IN ONE FOR SALE IN 2011. See the resemblance. It is uncanny. Has the future happened before? Are we under the influence of Roswell? How far ahead are they now? If they had today's toy in 1954, there is no mystery we cannot say is reality.

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