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Posted by George Freund on September 3, 2011 at 9:55 AM

The NWO makes good use of the resources at their disposal. They plot and conspire and put it right in your face. Yet like the blind we see not what is before us. As a case in point the Argentine author Jorge Luis Borges was celebrated August 24th. Many reveled at the image presented and saw at once it was a cryptic clue to the mysteries of the modern era. Few have dared to enter the enigma as deeply as I.

At first glance we should be enthralled at the depth of meaning revealed in the image. We instantly see the labyrinthine complexity of a very broad illustration. We see the infamous Library of Babel extolled by Borges. We see an underworld of a great metropolis morphed with its foundations.

However one must refer to the text of the news behind the Google doodle to open the door to the mystery. Jorge Luis Borges was celebrated at the 112th anniversary of his birth. He was a renowned author of Argentine birth. Labyrinths, libraries, dreams, writers, and staircases with forking paths are the product of his work.

Specific reference was made to "The Library of Babel", "The Aleph", and "Death and the Compass". These works are the manna of the image as it applies to the object of the image in my eye New York City for the big apple was the target of the pending storm Hurricane Irene.

Mr. Borges had been to New York as a celebrated author. In fact he is still there planted in a plaque with other famous authors under the 44th Street library, but I digress.


This alone is quite the introduction to the doodle. It is a strange language which is observed as gibberish by the unenlightened. Unheeded and misunderstood, it has the potential to be the history of the world. Some feel the NWO is the reconstituted Holy Roman Empire. Carthage was a Roman city destroyed by Muslim conquest. New York was the city attacked in the false flag Muslim conquest. However, like Carthage it still awaits its denouement. For the cryptic words escape all if not some. If the tongues are not garbled will Babel fall? In the economic conundrum of this day New York is commonly referred to as a modern day Babel.

The world of Jorge Borges was a police state very similar to the evolution of present day America. The Peron’s were the pretenders to the throne of Buenos Aires through his life. The intelligentsia is always the subject of state scrutiny in dark ages such as those. The complex innuendo and riddle are the language of the gifted mind. The totalitarian's camp has oafs and fools but few thinkers. Of course after WWII the ratline from Europe for escaping Nazis was to Argentina through the Vatican. The stolen war loot lubricated the passage.

Those who know the true history of the building of the Third Reich, the Bush family and 9/11 know there is a common parallel between the Peron's and the new America. The escaping Nazis became a fifth column inside America fulfilling the infiltration plan of destruction the Nazis penned for revenge. It is recorded in this blog as 'The Naumann Conspiracy'. It has another name as The Red House Report.

The Red House Report, officially US Military Intelligence report EW-Pa 128, written 7 November 1944 and now declassified, details the plans of Nazi Germany to prosper after their certain defeat at the end of World War II.

Jorge Luis Borges L'Hotel, Paris 1969

Jorge Borges wrote well on the subject of the dictator. His words still evoke great power of resistance.

"Dictatorships breed oppression, dictatorships breed servility, dictatorships breed cruelty; more loathsome still is the fact that they breed idiocy. Bellboys babbling orders, portraits of caudillos, prearranged cheers or insults, walls covered with names, unanimous ceremonies, mere discipline usurping the place of clear thinking... Fighting these sad monotonies is one of the duties of a writer. Need I remind readers of Martín Fierro or Don Segundo that individualism is an old Argentine virtue."[38]

I think we understand the mind and spirit of Mister Borges. He was an enemy of state fascism. So what does the NWO do? They take his works and use them to codify the language of the completion of the German industrialists' plan to destroy her. Just like Pearl Harbour was the plot to inspire Americans to destroy fascist governments, the new Pearl Harbour, 9/11, was a plot to destroy freedom and restore fascism.

Borges' work "The Aleph" is the first one we'll examine. The Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet and the first number one. The Aleph is the point in space that contains all other points. From its vantage you can see the entire universe. In the Amr mosque in Cairo is said to be an Aleph described as a stone pillar that contains the entire universe. It cannot be seen, but it can be heard. In a way the Google doodle is the Aleph of the plot for within it are the details of all of it.

Aleph in flame

In "Death and the Compass" a famous detective named Lönnrot operating from a city based on Buenos Aires investigates the death of a Rabbi killed in his motel room on the 3rd of December. A cryptic message was left on the Rabbi's typewriter. It connects with the first letter of the unspeakable name of God.

One month later on the 3rd of January a second murder takes place with the second letter of the name of God left as a cryptic clue. The next murder is on the 3rd of February with another letter the last. Since the second was repeated the murders were supposed to cease.

Lönnrot was not convinced. He further anticipated the murders too place on the 4th of the month of the Jewish calendar. There will be one final murder. He plots them on a map as an equilateral triangle. He constructs a rhombus from the points realizing the southern part of the city has not been 'terrorized'. This area is the location of the chateau Triste le Roi.

Lönnrot arrives at the scene of the next crime in advance. The two henchmen of the villain Scharlach seize him in the dark. The kabalistic pattern was used to lure the detective into a trap. Scharlach claims Lönnrot killed his brother. Lönnrot claims the maze was too complex and suggested a single line with each subsequent crime occurring at the midpoint from the last. For the benefit of the simple detective that is the pattern to be used in the next incarnation.

From Borges' commentary in The Aleph and Other Stories : "The killer and the slain, whose minds work in the same way, may be the same man. [...] This is hinted by the similarity of their names. The end syllable in Lönnrot means "red" in German, and "Red Scarlach" is also translatable, in German, as "Red Scarlet."

This is probably the most important point. The detective and the killer are one and the same person. Ergo the terrorist and the intelligence agencies are one and the same. They are the perpetrators of the false flag operation of which the next will be their masterstroke. Will that be the nuclear 9/11 that has been presaged in Bible Code III and the apocalypse of scripture of the New Babylon. Borges even alludes to the Atomic bomb going off in your hands below.

After being accused of being unforgiving, Borges quipped, "I resented Peron's making Argentina look ridiculous to the world... as in 1951, when he announced control over thermonuclear fusion, which still hasn't happened anywhere but in the sun and the stars. For a time, Argentinians hesitated to wear bandaids for fear friends would ask, 'Did the Atomic Bomb go off in your hand?' A shame, because Argentina really has world class scientists."[45]

The next work quoted is "The Library of Babel". It is a very deep story. The universe is a vast library containing every possible book of 410 pages in a certain format. The universe is an expanse of interlocking hexagonal rooms which contain the bare necessities of human survival and four walls of bookshelves.

The Library of Babel

Most books like the world shown to us are pure gibberish. The library also contains every coherent book ever written or that ever could be written. This includes predictions of the future of people and events. Every conceivable translation also exists. The mass of information renders it useless. Some librarians participate in superstitions and cultish behaviour. Purifiers enter the library and destroy books deemed useless. They seek the "Crimson Hexagon" an illustrated magic book. One book must be a catalogue of the books and they search the library for it. The messianic "Man of the Book" has read it. 

Some of the books deemed worthless and destroyed were copies of Directions to the Crimson Hexagon. They were, however, written in code and discarded. Like the modern day equivalents the codes are before us all the time, but they are discarded as well because we cannot decipher them. There are also many false codices. There are books beyond the human ability to write. This certainly applies to works in the here and now like the Bible Code. Damaged or lost books matter not because variations exist that only differ by one letter. The entire library can be recreated by dot and dash as in Morse code by repeating variations. 

In the Google doodle there is a building on the lower left that bears a resemblance to the Lawrence Berkeley National Labs. 

Some sort of high technology project is in the offing. The domed structure is quite unique.

In another strange twist to the story, the photographer who took the pictures of the plaques in New York's under the library photo journal generally photographs graffiti art. On his written blog he has extolled the virtue of a couple of video games that seem to fit in very well with a coded attack on New York. Can this be synchronicity or conspiracy?

The first is Assassin's Creed: Revelations. This will the fourth game in the series and the third game that is part of a story arc. In the game you play a young man named Desmond who is placed in a machine and can live out the memories of your ancestors. In the first game you met Altair, a Master Assassin from the Byzantine era of the Middle East, you travel around Syria, Jerusalem and more assassinating key figures in the Holy Wars, only to discover it was all a ploy of your mentor seeking power for himself in an item of much power, you defeat him, but what happens next in Altair's legend remains unknown. In the second game you met Ezio, a young man learning the ways of becoming an Assassin during the Renaissance period of Italy. You face The Borgia, defeating The Pope and his sons through the second game and then a third called Brotherhood in which you start training Assassins yourself. You also become good friends with folks such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Copernicus and Machiavelli (so the game is really based on real history). In Revelations, you return to Ezio in his old age, in which Ezio is now seeking to find out what happened to Altair, before the first game and after. At the same time, Desmond is trapped in a special black world because of stuff that happened in Brotherhood. So you play as all three trying to piece together all the answers.

In this screen shot from Assassin's Creed we see the same domed shaped structure as in the Google Doodle

DARKSIDERS: In present time NYC, The Apocalypse has somehow gotten started and WAR comes to New York to be involved. He gets beat up and is called to a special council which says that the Apocalypse wasn't supposed to start and WAR was given a false call. He is stripped of his powers, but defends himself and says he wants to find out what really happened. They send him back to Earth and he discovers that over 100 years have passed and the demons have killed everyone and a demon called "The Destroyer" rules over everything. WAR now has to travel around the Earth defeating the Generals of the Destroyer to regain his powers, defeat The Destroyer and find out why Apocalypse started early. At the point I am, I am on my way to the first General's tower.

In the labyrinth of the library anything and everything is possible. There is nothing to be seen with the mind in closed position. There is a never ending infinity if it is left in the open position. Did Google send out a timed warning about the pending events in New York with a storm steered to an evacuation opening the underworld of its labyrinth to a sinister hand in preparation for the apocalyptic move? We are told to keep our code simple for the next detective after Lönnrot. So the simplest pattern is the line. The line is 112th Street in Manhattan. At the west end is 410 Riverside Drive Park. The books in The Library of Babel have 410 pages.

At the east end of 112th Street is Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics (also known as MCSM) is a public high school in New York City, at East 116th Street between Pleasant Avenue and FDR Drive in the East Harlem neighborhood in the north-eastern part of the borough of Manhattan. Remember roads were closed in the storm at 116th (a play on 911). 

Columbia University's Morningside Campus is adjacent to the park. It has a domed building like the Google doodle as well. The New York public library is at 113th and the Butler library as well is in proximity. We watch and wait. Perhaps they have already turned down the storm because too many see the method. The severe underground blasting adds a little reality to our mystery. Borges would have appreciated that.


Underground Rumbling Rattles Hell's Kitchen Residents

March 9, 2011 3:32pm | By Tara Kyle, DNAinfo Reporter/Producer

By Tara Kyle

DNAinfo Reporter/Producer

HELL'S KITCHEN — Chuck Spence was in his West 44th Street home one recent Thursday evening when he felt a blast from below. He fled, fearing the building would collapse on top of him.

"My whole brownstone jumped off the ground and came down hard," Spence, who is retiring after six years on Community Board 4, wrote in an e-mail. "I've got cracks in tile floors that weren't there before."

Over the past couple of months, daily blasts — some occurring as late as 9:30 or 10 p.m. — have rocked nearby blocks, neighbors between 40th and 44th Street said Tuesday. Complaints have also funneled into CB4 from as far north as West 47th and West 48th Street, according to District Manager Bob Benfatto.

Many residents and workers in the area said they believed the culprit was the MTA's underground extension of the No. 7 subway line — a new station is under construction at 41st St. and Dyer Avenue.

Blasting for that project occurred between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. Mondays through Fridays, with occasional work on Saturdays, according to MTA spokesman Aaron Donovan.

But the MTA's professional engineers did not believe rumbling from their work should be felt as far north as 44th Street, according to Donovan. He admitted he could not say for certain whether that project was the cause, but noted that there were other ongoing construction projects near 42nd Street that could be the culprit.

Another city project underway in the area is Port Authority's rehabilitation of ramps leading from Lincoln Tunnel into the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

But right now, that work was limited to sidewalk repairs on one bus ramp, according to Port Authority spokeswoman Jennifer Friedberg, who described it as "routine maintenance work being done during business hours."

Closer to 44th Street, however, no major construction was currently underway, according to CB4 Hell's Kitchen land use committee co-chair Joe Restuccia, who said he could "almost set a watch" to window-quivering blasts between 8-9:30 p.m. at his own office on West 40th Street.

The blasts are purportedly felt also in some high-rise developments. Inside the 46-story Manhattan Plaza tower on Tenth Avenue, former Tenants Association president Marisa Redanty said she frequently felt her floors rumble.

"First you hear the sound, then the building shudders," said Linda Ashley, 60, who said the wine glasses she hangs from a rack routinely clatter against each other. "You feel shockwaves go through your body. I think they're just using too darn much dynamite."

For now, residents can do little but lodge their complaints with 311, CB4 and their block associations.

The 44th Street Block Association's vice president, Suzanne Harvey, said she had received a "frenzy of e-mails," from members all along the street, and said the influx had spiked in the past few weeks.

What Harvey and other residents wanted, she said, was a notification system informing them what blocks would be affected by construction and during what hours. They also want a contact person for those times when the shaking gets to be too much.

"There has to be some dialogue," Harvey said. "It's literally like rolling thunder under the ground."

The 44th Street Block Association will take up this issue at a meeting on March 22 at 7:30 p.m. at 424 W. 44th Street.

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