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Piers Morgan and the circle of friends

Posted by George Freund on August 6, 2011 at 9:35 AM

Piers Morgan, Rebekah Brooks, Andy Coulson

You're known sometimes for the company you keep. In the case of Piers Morgan, British tabloid editor and hacker extraordinaire, that says a lot. Rebekah Brooks deletes phone messages from child murder victims. Andy Coulson illegally taps and traces phones and employed the private investigator who put an axe through his partner's head only to be employed by Prime Minister David Cameron. It's a dirty game politics. 

But we're here for another suspect. Once you're established as a suspect it takes a little gumshoe work to disqualify you because the cloud will stay positioned over your head. 

By his own admission Piers has stated in the press and on TV that he was eavesdropping on phone calls and that hacking was systemic in the British news industry. He even listened to the personal calls of Paul McCartney and his wife. That is unlawful. Doing it is a crime. Ergo you're a criminal.

There are many other crimes that remain unsolved. One in particular was death death of MI6 agent Gareth Williams. In evidence presented in the press, a peculiar couple attended the man's address at his MI6 safe house. They had a key. They buzzed a neighbour and when queried about how they came into possession of it, they stated they got it from a man named 'PIER' or something. 

This couple, described as being of Mediterranean appearance, called at Gareth Williams's flat one evening in June or July of 2010.

We know a man named Piers. He participates in illegally tapping and tracing phones with everyone else. We know a founding editor for Fox News Dan Cooper said that the network had a counter intelligence section and brain room off limits to other staff. That sounds like the intelligence agencies are running the news again like they did with Operation Mockingbird. Has Piers Morgan been part of the brain room operation?

This is a very tenuous link, but it establishes one. Another was the elite rich neighbourhood where Inspector Neil Munro's body was found. What are the odds Piers Morgan filmed an ITV documentary there? 100%. Now we might say that that is a bit odd. If I were hunting a serial killer and I found a chap in the neighbourhood of all my crimes, he would float to the top of the list of suspects.

The Sandbanks. Inspector Munro's body was found by the jetty ahead of and to the right of the boat under way

Piers was also a judge on these pop TV shows like Idol. People associated with this type of program like X Factor Mo were under the gun of Anders Breivik of Norway. This media business is very very dubious I think.

What do we do if Piers is really a counter intelligence agent under the control of Murdoch's crime syndicate? Young Mr. Williams was an avid climber. He was raised in Anglesey. One of the most significant places to climb would have been the park across from Anglesey Snowdonia where Chief Constable Todd's body was found. Mr Williams also studied art at Central St. Martin's College of Art where Lucien Freud was affiliated. The circle seems to include anyone and everyone in the rubric of suspicious deaths and disappearances lately.

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