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The Tip That Went Nowhere

Posted by George Freund on August 6, 2011 at 8:15 AM

Retired Cheshire Detective Inspector Mr Edgar and former Merseyside Detective Sergeant Arthur Cowley

In the case of Madeleine McCann there was a tip from a yacht club in Barcelona that an Australian woman who was a Victoria Beckham look a like was seen at 2 a.m. asking two men attending local water front bars, "Are you here to deliver my new daughter?" That shivered their timbers and they reported it to police. This happened three days after Madeleine disappeared. 

Somehow it fell into the hands of two British private detectives to follow the lead. They were both former British policemen. They failed miserably. They failed to speak to the port authority about the arrival of boats. They failed to interview witnesses. They failed to ask about surveillance video. Basically they just failed to do anything except allow the trail to grow cold.

The Daily Mail newspaper's reporters did a better job. They established a lead. They found out the Australian yacht Willpower was a recent arrival. The owner could pass as a Victoria Beckham look a like. She was millionairess Rhonda Wyllie who travelled with her daughter Melissa Karlson. The woman in question was supposed to have spoken fluent Spanish. 

Rhonda Wyllie and Willpower

The women denied any connection and the tip went nowhere. However, as a small aside Willpower is up for sale and the home port is Dorset. Inspector Neil Munro who was investigating sexual abuse on yachts was with Dorset Police. He was found dead on the property of a Manchester millionaire. Chief Constable Michael Todd was Chief of Manchester Police. He died mysteriously too. Inspector Munro was inquiring about him before his death.

But there are other Australians in the news recently who are Victoria Beckham look a likes and travel in yachts to Spain. One of the more infamous would be Elisabeth Murdoch wife of Matthew Freud the chap whose father owned a villa in Praia da Luz Portugal where Madeleine went missing. The Murdoch yacht is called Rosehearty. It flies the Portuguese flag. It could have been easily missed by the Daily Mail reporters. Or perhaps it was intentionally missed. No reporter can be trusted to purvey the truth in light of the News of the World scandal.

Rosehearty with Portuguese flag

Elisabeth Murdoch is friends with Rebekah Brooks the newspaper editor who deleted phone messages of homicide victims. The Freud's, the Murdoch's, Brooks, and even Tony Blair and the present Prime Minister David Cameron are in the circle of friends. 

Elisabeth Murdoch

In Time magazine Rupert Murdoch established his son James and his yacht were in the vicinty. James concluded a significant business deal aboard her. Was Elisabeth Murdoch the Victoria Beckham look a like? That seems to be a very fair question in light of the scandal. She is Australian. She has ominous connections to many murders through the circle. 

Exclusive: Rupert Murdoch Speaks


By ERIC POOLEY Thursday, June 28, 2007


News Corp. heir apparent James Murdoch, the CEO of News Corp.'s European satellite-TV system, who called in from a yacht near Valencia, Spain. Murdoch wanted to jolt the Bancroft family back to reality, and if the deal was going to die, he wanted to be the one to kill it. "If we clean this up to our satisfaction, the family will reject it. So why don't we just reject them?",9171,1638438,00.html

Tony Blair put the diplomats in Portugal into high gear. British Police were sent there to 'investigate.' In a classified document released to a Belgian newspaper one of those diplomats raised serious inconsistencies in the McCann's story. The report was buried and the diplomats retired. Release of the documents have been blocked from release under the Full Freedom of Information Act under section 27 harming relations between states. Well I guess if your politburo were serial child abductors and murderers that might not be good for foreign relations or business.

The circle seems to be caught in a ever tighting noose. How unfortunate the government has the ability to issue a 'D' Notice to prevent the press in the UK from reporting certain stories for national security reasons. I'm sure Murdoch would be only too happy to comply with that law. All the rest are not applicable.

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