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Posted by George Freund on July 17, 2011 at 10:05 AM

That Media's Band of Brothers and the power of changing the channel

AND THAT'S NEWS IN GOD'S WORLD! The pressure we have applied with the media we control may very well be dismantling a Satanic child murder ring. No one has the courage to speak of these things except a small minority of godly talk show hosts. This is NOT a hacking story. This is MURDER most foul. The only justice will come from the torch we have lit. We will keep it burning brightly as a moral obligation. In time if others see the light, we may revel in our accomplishments. I personally thank God for the responsibility. We will not rest until the duty is done.

Milly Dowler

Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman

Madeleine McCann

Christopher Shale

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