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Something is Happening in Belgorod Russia . . . Strange Glow from sky

Posted by George Freund on October 6, 2022 at 10:45 PM

The source and purpose of these "strange lights" has been identified: Russia's PERESVET Laser Anti-Satellite System.


The military nature of the lighting became evident when the same light pattern hit the skies in Moscow, Murmansk, and Omsk, Russia as the world was paying attention to the lights in Belgorad.


These laser systems are "anti-satellite" insofar as they can "dazzle" any recon satellite orbiting within 1500 kilometers of earth!


By "Dazzle" we mean "Temporarily blind" the satellite, making it impossible for the satellite to "see" anything on the ground for tens-of-miles in all directions of its typical fly-by.


At this hour, I am told that with the area covered by the light emissions from Belgorad, Omsk, Moscow, and Murmansk, US/NATO surveillance satellites NOW CANNOT SEE A FULL FIFTY PERCENT OF RUSSIAN NUCLEAR MISSILE SILOS.


One source, in a position to know, told me "We can't see if the missile silo hatches are open." He also told me "In vast swaths of Russia right now, we cannot see what is happening on the ground, or more importantly, what is moving and where, on the ground. For instance, we can no longer see if Tactical nuclear weapons are being pulled out of storage."



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