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Beijing accuses US of spreading 'disinformation' after America warned of 'consequences' if China helps Russia's Ukraine invasion

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on March 14, 2022 at 11:30 AM


Russia has reached out to China for military supplies and aid, US says, as Putin's invasion of Ukraine stumbles

Jake Sullivan, US national security adviser, warned of 'consequences' if Beijing tries to 'bail out' Putin

Beijing's foreign ministry today accused the US of 'targeting' China with 'disinformation' about Ukraine

It came as Ukraine and Russia both hailed 'progress' in peace talks in first hint that Putin is looking to end war

Sullivan warned Russia it will face the 'full force' of NATO if a member state is attacked, after an air strike just a few miles from the Polish border struck a base housing foreign fighters and equipment

China has accused the US of spreading 'disinformation' after officials warned that Russia has reached out to Beijing for help over Vladimir Putin's faltering invasion of Ukraine.


Zhao Lijian, spokesman for Beijing's foreign ministry, said today that America is 'targeting China on the Ukraine issue with malicious intentions' after US officials said Putin's apparatchiks had requested military supplies and aid to prop up his ill-thought-out war.


Jake Sullivan, US national security adviser who is due to meet his Chinese counterparts in Rome today, had warned Beijing of 'consequences' if it tries to 'bail out' Putin - including providing economic relief for punishing sanctions imposed on the Russian economy.


'We will ensure that neither China, nor anyone else, can compensate Russia for these losses,' Sullivan told NBC ahead of the meeting. 'In terms of the specific means of doing that, I'm not going to lay all of that out in public, but we will communicate that privately to China, as we have already done and will continue to do.'

Putin had expected to take Ukraine in a lighting offensive lasting just a few days but, in the face of dogged opposition, is still fighting almost three weeks later - leading to stockpiles of some weapons such as guided missiles running low and heavier-than-expected losses of tanks, armoured vehicles, helicopters and aircraft.


American officials, speaking anonymously, say the Kremlin has reached out to Beijing for help replenishing its military supplies - though did not say exactly what Putin had requested or when the request was made. Western nations have been supplying Ukraine with a steady stream of anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons.


The news emerged as Russian diplomats said there has been 'substantial progress' in peace talks with Ukraine, in the first sign that Moscow could be looking for an off-ramp to pause or end the conflict having failed to achieve key aims - namely the capture of Kyiv and toppling of Volodymyr Zelensky's western-friendly government. Talks are due to resume today.


Ukraine also gave an upbeat assessment of the talks, saying Russia had stopped issuing 'ultimatums' and is beginning to 'talk constructively'. Russia's previous demands had been that Ukraine give up its bid to join NATO, recognise Crimea as part of Russia, and recognise the Donetsk and Luhansk regions as independent.


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Revelation 9 Wycliffe Bible




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12 One woe is passed, and lo! yet come two woes.


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21 and [they] did not penance of their manslayings, neither of their witchcrafts, neither of their fornication, neither of their thefts, were slain [neither of their fornication, neither of their thefts].

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