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Putin's 40-mile convoy of tanks and artillery moves into firing positions ahead of an all-out assault in Ukrainian capital

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on March 12, 2022 at 1:25 AM

Ukrainian forces are turning to trench warfare to battle Russian encirclement around Kyiv, Ukraine

Soldiers and civilians are digging on the outskirts of Kyiv with Russians closing in ahead of a renewed push

Some Russian units are now just nine miles from Ukraine's capital city as they prepare for the new offensive

Russian forces bearing down on Kyiv yesterday moved into strategic firing positions ahead of an all-out assault.


A 40-mile convoy of tanks, troops and artillery that had been lying in wait redeployed to nearby forests and towns in an attempt to surround the capital.


Satellite images showed howitzer weaponry and suspected rocket launchers being readied, prompting remaining Kyiv residents to take up arms and erect barricades. Mayor Vitali Klitschko warned Russia the city was a fortress.


Russian spy chiefs Sergey Beseda and Anatoly Bolukh are under house arrest for misleading Putin. That is routine. Subordinates in a power system like Putin's must tell him what he wants to hear not give a accurate analysis. It happens everywhere.Their opinion was the Ukrainians would not fight. Nazi's fight to the last man. Putin should have known that.

His larger mistake as moving in on Kyiv with his flank wide open. This allows NATO to supply the resistance with advanced weapons to destroy both his armor and air power. That was a master blunder. Kyiv means nothing. It is a dot on the map. Its defeat is symbolic.

His invasion should have skirted the Polish border to cut off resupply of these weapons and other aid to the Ukrainians. With that flank secure, he could then close in on Kyiv. However, the entities that thrive on our base emotions prefer this. There is a force as portrayed in Star Trek's Day of the Dove episode. That is the common enemy.

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