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Elon Musk posts cryptic tweet about the 'sun of the old world setting in a dying blaze of splendor'

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on September 5, 2021 at 8:00 PM

Elon Musk posted a tweet referencing the novel The Guns of August, a 500-page book about the early stages of World War I

He followed it up with a tweet with a Lord of the Rings reference

Musk has not yet responded to requests about what he meant with his tweets

SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk posted an outlandish tweet on Monday in which he references the novel The Guns of August, a 500-page book about the early stages of World War I.


Musk, 50, captioned the tweet with the name of the book, written by Barbara Tuchman in 1962, along with the entire first paragraph of the book.

'The muffled tongue of Big Ben tolled nine by the clock as the cortege left the palace, but on history’s clock it was sunset, and the sun of the old world was setting in a dying blaze of splendor never to be seen again,' so ends the paragraph.


Tuchman's book, centered on the first month of the Great War, was an immediate bestseller and earned her a Pulitzer Prize for general nonfiction.


President John F. Kennedy was so impressed with it that he gave a copy to each member of his cabinet and some of his top military advisors and told them to read it.

In the past, Musk has said that he thinks artificial intelligence will 'far, far surpass' humans in every single way and could go as far as being the root cause of World War III.


He has even gone so far as to say that AI, similar to the kind used in Tesla's autopilot, should be regulated by international law.


The curious tweets come just a few days after Tesla unveiled a AI-powered robot that is designed so humans could physically overpower it if need be.


At the company's AI day earlier this month, Musk said the machine, nicknamed the Tesla Bot, would perform dangerous, repetitive or boring work, essentially making physical labor obsolete.


A certain 9 day is on the horizon. It is the 20th anniversary. We have a May day a distress warning from 1910 a 9/11. 3 X 3 sovereigns imply a Masonic 33rd degree warning.

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