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The Mysterious Case of RAZ from CHAZ - BLM Warlord Owns Multiple Guns, a Tesla, BMW and Jaguar XJ, Millions in Properties, and Is Supported by Dubai Government

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on June 22, 2020 at 9:25 AM

Raz the warlord, doesn’t only run guns, he owns guns. Raz owns a couple of handguns, which were somehow ‘restored’ through a special intervention after a conviction.

Raz somehow received a grant for $82,000 from the city of Seattle to open his own studio in a building he purchased with another loan.

Raz’s public relations team has done a lot of work to portray Raz as a gangsta’. Oliver Darcy from CNN has helped him in shaping his image.


Finally, and most importantly, Raz is connected to Islamists. He is involved in the manifesto, Washington State – the first black Muslim independent state. He also is being sponsored and has been hosted by the Dubai government. Raz’s anti-white and anti-America rants are supported. He also has been spotted attending the Sheik Zayed mosque.


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