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Red alert: it looks like the mother of all false flags is incoming

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on June 16, 2020 at 7:30 PM


BDA's drop on Wednesday 10th was the first clue. Weapons from Iraq, Seattle, Minneapolis, Antifa, blood bath planned etc etc.


"Get ready ladies."



June 21 - a week from today - is in the satanic calendar. It's the summer solstice festival. That day also sees a 'ring of fire' eclipse.

Yesterday a possible Fed insider who claims to be a remote viewer appeared on /pol/ and warned of a massive, coordinated sequence of events planned soon.


His first major post was *immediately* deleted. Proof attached.

That post was archived by 4plebs in time thank goodness. Here it is:


Read it. It describes a fake Kent State in which the DS will pose as the government and mow down protesters en masse.

His ID in this thread is lwR/dF53 if you want to search for all his comments (I get 22 of them which is appropriately masonic).


This is not just going to be in the US but in London, somewhere in Italy, Munich and Jerusalem. They're going all in.

Some selected highlights:

- he expects many casualties

- desperate final act by the Dems because HRC and BHO arrests are coming

- fake cops will be a mix of Somalis and the UN

Anon asks what the sky will look like.


"Funny you asked that. After The Big Dark (you'll know what that is), the sun will look double and be red on its crown and blue on its beard. Not even LARPing here."


Um, OK. The Big Dark? Is that the eclipse? Or something else?

"Israel is going to get a big surprise and all of you here will live to see it. It happens during bright daytime. Clear blue sky."

Fuck off Twitter.


If you're sceptical of remote viewing I understand entirely. I was too until I read a declassified CIA document evaluating the Gateway Process and did the free introduction audios. It is real. Servicemen have got medals for it.

If this is a LARP then great. But I don't think it is. Please prepare - we've got a few days at the most.


- keep your eyes open

- have a month's supplies to hand. Food, water, energy, security.

- spread the word

- don't go anywhere on the 21st if possible

- prepare mentally for this. Horrendous things may be planned: Israel getting nuked, protesters being massacred, some kind of sky event around the eclipse. Stay strong, stay faithful, stay safe.

- "Just when it seems all hope is lost, the outcome will be glorious" - Q



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