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Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on May 29, 2020 at 3:00 PM

Thomas Jefferson said, “The most effectual engines for [pacifying a nation] are the public papers... [A despotic] government always [keeps] a kind of standing army of newswriters who, without any regard to truth or to what should be like truth, [invent] and put into the papers whatever might serve the ministers. This suffices with the mass of the people who have no means of distinguishing the false from the true paragraphs of a newspaper.”

There can be no greater synopsis of society and the ways of the world in regard to how the masses are manipulated in the most insidious of manners. They always have been. They always will be because they are not taught the methods of said manipulation in school. They are programmed to be submissive to them. This is the struggle for freedom. This is the war for civilization. It is the war of words contrived to lead one astray.

Of course, it isn't only the newspapers. It's the radio and worse the TV. Then in an era of media platforms like YouTube, there's the independent producers. You know them by their absence after they've been deplatformed. For the first amendment has a gate keeper the large social media companies. If you dare to voice an opinion that doesn't fit the narrative, then you are sent to the social Siberia of opinion a cone of silence. 


As an example this image started gaining traction rather quickly. It has all the aplomb of a truther narrative, but it isn't. An enterprising individual with a good memory or a stealth budget contrived this image of Derek Chauvin and a man in black from the Boston bombing and an officer at Sandy Hook appearing like a Newtown Police Officer. There is only one problem. It isn't accurate. It's a soldier from the standing army of news writers. They know many will be looking for answers so they blaze a false trail.

The men in black were identified back in the day. They were CSA's from the National Guard. So we can plainly see the blogger made a slight error. That can happen. However, he could be from the army of news writers talking you down a false trail. 

There can be no doubt this event has been weaponized in the manner U.S. intelligence agencies would conduct regime change. However, it is being done domestically with this operation. There is a body of opinion this was a staged event. It wouldn't be the first time. It happens all the time. Charlie Hebdo comes to mind. They showed film of a policeman being shot. The alleged round missed. His head was intact. The greatest propaganda photo was called The Falling Man. It was used in the Spanish Civil War. Whenever we need a war or a major policy shift, we need a motivator. That has been the specialty of the propaganda photo or film clip. The photo of the drowned Aylan Kurdi commenced the migrant invasion. How could anyone refuse? However, the provided photos didn't look like a deceased child. The flesh was pink. There was no froth on any images of the mouth a clear sign of drowning. There was no decomposition which occurs quickly in warm climbs. 

In this new paradigm, there is a determined attempt to denigrate President Trump. This is the great debate that candidate Biden need not attend. The narrative is being created to blame the president. The systemic failures in policing and discipline of Officer Chauvin have existed long before Trump was president. The 'IN' crowd of the social leftists have joined the fray not to encourage peace but support of the narrative. The last time the left rioted after the election. It was too late. This time they must do it before. 

On the other end of the spectrum, there are other soldiers in the army of news writers stoking the fire with fakes too. Here Officer Chauvin is outed as a racist. However, the guy in the hat isn't him either. Some soldiers take their duties seriously. 

The image on the left depicts the officer Chauvin with his knee on Floyd’s neck, but the image on the right is not Chauvin at all. It’s actually online troll Jonathan Riches. Riches has garnered a reputation for litigiousness, scams, and extreme trolling, including pretending to be the uncle of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter. It’s unclear where the second image originated, but posts from a Facebook page bearing Riches’ name contain pictures of Riches in what appears to be the same shirt.


When we see an incomplete image, our minds fill in the missing detail automatically. Furthermore, there are a lot of people who look the same even identical. If I was going to speculate what was happening, I would say without a doubt this year is the year of domestic regime change in lieu of civil war. It's get Trump by what ever means available at whatever cost. Many a truth is spoken in gest. This is as close as it gets. 


Quick the virus isn't working. People are figuring it out. Start the race war. We have the most experience of any nation in regime change. We will use these skills to unseat the president and put our droid Biden in power. It goes like this.

And this.

"I really look with commiseration over the great body of my fellow citizens who, reading newspapers, live and die in the belief that they have known something of what has been passing in the world in their time…”

Thomas Jefferson

United States involvement in regime change


Pre-1887 interventions


1805: Tripolitania


1865–1867: Mexico

1887–1912: U.S. Empire, Expansionism, and The Roosevelt Administration


1887–1889: Samoa


1893: Kingdom of Hawaii


1903: Panama

1903–1925: Honduras

1906–1909: Cuba

1909–1910: Nicaragua

1912–1941: The Wilson administration, World War I, and the interwar period


1912–1933: Nicaragua

1913-1919: Mexico

1915–1934: Haiti

1916–1924: Dominican Republic

1917–1919: Germany

1917–1920: Austria-Hungary

1918–1920: Russia

1941–1945: World War II and the aftermath


1941: Panama

1941–1952: Japan

1941–1949: Germany

1941–1946: Italy

1944–1946: France

1944–1945: Belgium

1944–1945: Netherlands

1944–1945: Philippines

1945–1955: Austria

1945–1991: The Cold War


1945–1948: South Korea

1945–1949: China

1947–1949: Greece

1947–1970s: Italy

1948: Costa Rica

1949–1953: Albania

1949: Syria


1952: Egypt

1952-1953: Iran

1953: Philippines

1954: Guatemala

1956–1957: Syria

1957–1959: Indonesia

1958: Lebanon

1959: Iraq


1960–1965: Congo-Leopoldville

1960: Laos

1961: Dominican Republic

1960s: Cuba

1961–1975: Laos

1961–1964: Brazil

1963: Iraq

1963: South Vietnam

1964: Chile

1964-1975: Vietnam

1965–1966: Dominican Republic

1965–1967: Indonesia

1967: Greece


1970–1973: Chile

1970: Cambodia

1971: Bolivia

1972–1975: Iraq

1974-1991: Ethiopia

1975-1991: Angola

1977: Zaire

1978: Zaire

1979–1993: Cambodia

1979–1989: Afghanistan


1980–1989: Poland

1980–1992: El Salvador

1981–1982: Chad

1981–1990: Nicaragua

1983: Grenada

1989-1994: Panama

1991–present: Post-Cold War


1991: Iraq

1991: Haiti

1992–1996: Iraq

1994-1995: Haiti

1996-1997: Zaire

1997–1998: Indonesia


2000: Yugoslavia

2003–2011: Iraq

2006–2007: Palestinian territories

2006–present: Syria

2007: Iran

2009: Honduras


2011: Libya

2015–present: Yemen

2019–present: Venezuela

2020: United States domestic regime change 

The president has given ominous warnings about the risks of storming The White House. That is no joke. You can play rioter or looter in the streets with state and local police, but the warning of the dogs and ominous weapons should be heeded unless suicide is your game plan. The president is also declaring ANTIFA a terrorist organization. It always was having its roots in Germany in the good old days. 


Nothing has changed. We're played like the violin. These are preparatory moves in what could become the next civil war. However, mob violence cannot determine the outcome of an election. Free and fair elections are the cornerstone of the republic. However, considering the CV above the United States may be reaping the karma wave for all the governments they overthrew.



That's how the game is played. However, free and fair elections are required in the republic. With anarchy the fate of her is sealed to doom at some point. For the benefit of those not inured to the men and women behind the curtain take heed and learn. 


I was watching a video from JonXarmy. His guest was a woman called  Fleurbrun. They talk like informed patriots but Fleurbrun says in the Chauvin video the bystanders use the term bro as a code implying they're working together and the film is fake. Then she ends with the term bro herself. Then the be all this is the age of Aquarius. That is a code for the one worlders of the Illuminati of the Lucis Trust group. They say love and light or talk about consciousness or energy or frequency. 


Alice Bailey was a disciple of Russian Theosophist Madame Helen Blavatsky. She formed Lucifer Trust in 1920 which became Lucis Trust in 1922. The Lucis Trust Publishing Company and their many fronts and organizations worship an "Externalized Hierarchy" of "Ascended Masters". These Masters carry out the work of a Luciferian "master plan" for the establishment of a permanent "Age of Aquarius" ruled by one "Sanat Kumara", the "Lord of the World." Jesus Christ is considered by their disciples to be merely one of the Ascended Masters of the New Age religion. Lucis Trust is a powerful institution of New Age leadership. It possesses consultative status with the United Nations. It meets weekly with powerful business and national leaders throughout the world.

Sanat is Satan if you need a prompt. 

In the propaganda matrix only black lives matter as a psychological operation to stir up the pot. Long forgotten were other black lives that mattered to God, but not to the propagandist running a covert regime change. 


Daniel Omar of The Sudan

Unknown child near death in The Sudan an award winning photograph. The photographer Kevin Carter took his own life. Angelina Jolie made a movie about this scenario called Beyond Borders. 

Ms. Gao Rongrong, 36, tortured with electric batons for 7 consecutive hours on face by Labour Camp officials.


A Woman’s Breasts Disfigured and Infected from Severe Electric Shock Torture

“Two guards from Benxi, holding electric batons, shouted, “We will see who is tougher!” The two men tore Ms. Wang’s shirt open and shocked her breasts with two electric batons for 30 minutes……

There were no riots or protests about our glorious trade partner China. They media couldn't use this to foment a cause. Whenever they create a media frenzy, there is little doubt there is a deep seated agenda. We are prisoners to the message overall. The ability to question the message is the key to the prison door. Do use it. 

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