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America is Gone

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on March 27, 2020 at 2:40 AM

“The world has permanently changed,” he said. “The Fed is attempting to stop this repricing from going any further. They essentially announced they are nationalising the markets.”


The coronavirus Plan-demic was the grand finale for the former United States of America. The American's willingness to stand down, and do martial-law in place is unprecedented in American history and signals all-clear to the looters, communists, perverts and psychopaths who have been chipping away at the USA for 100 years.


With Zero understanding of economics and the financial system, the zombie Americans believe shutting the entire country down for maybe months could have been tolerated by a financial system already in full on collapse; that it could be done at no-cost to them.


Played like a fiddle by the Trump and QAnon nonsense, Americans are not even complaining.


The Federal Reserve (A Jewish Mafia Central Bank) is nationalizing markets and economy in real time. Corporate Debt, Government Debt, Municipal Debt, the stock market (Exchange Stabilization Fund) all being purchased en masse. The Fed is buying consumer assets with repo market asset purchases in the trillions each day --As much as $6 Trillion dollars are being conjured up per day to keep this Coup in progress. Nothing remains of the private sector -- The Economy has been nationalized. This is a take down and represents a Full on Fascist form of government with no relationship to Constitutional government. Unlimited Trillions of dollars printed out of thin air at Interest are being spewed like a firehose.


National Guard is mobilizing just in case someone peeps --


I have been talking about the financial collapse for years -- nothing could be done with the existing system but to let it crash and rebuild with private sector effort and Constitutional government to defend and protect the Citizen from the Vampire Zionist banks. Andrew Jackson is crying somewhere.


Medical Tyranny;

Precedent set now for manufactured pandemics (Americans do not even understand what viruses really are and why pandemics are not caused by viruses) - followed by self quarantine and the next shoe to drop will be the forced-poisons for faster population reduction called vaccines.


This was the perfect "storm" that Trump warned about and he played his part like true Traitor -- Trump is praising the Federal Reserve today - claiming that we need more stimulus, telling the people to focus on the Virus and not the Central Bankers looting the United States. All of the principle crime ridden banks, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo -- even Deutsche Bank will NEVER be allowed to fail and dragged down with them the rats which have eaten on the dying corpse of the USA for decades.


This will also be the end of paper money -- Buying all available assets with the cooperation of the American people will finally destroyed for good the purchasing power of the USD -- We will see in the next 6 - 12 months a new dollar -- a crypto currency (as it will be called) which will end the anonymity of cash and usher in the new era of never-again-private-transactions.


Remember coronavirus can be transmitted on paper money!


The Technocracy is too complicated for ordinary people -- most people are becoming unemployable -- while the Fed notified today that unemployment claims are over 3.5 Million for the week. This is not sustainable and the real pain of this non-violent coup will be the violence of starvation and societal breakdown as the new Bolsheviks transition from wolves in grandma clothes to the animals with teeth (Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky) they really are.


The long time Zionist attendent and criminal (think Iran Contra, Iraq Gate and other cover ups in the George H. W. Bush crime show,) Bill Barr, our man in the highest position for Justice, is now asking for full Martial Law (ending Habeas Corpus -- indefinite detention -- the usual third world - Massad type corruption) -- . These powers are absolute and horrible and worse they will never be taken away or given back ...


Trump was the Judas Goat and America Died in March of 2020 - We enter a New World Order now, which will see the dropping of "its for your safety" virtual-signaling lies and in place will be the cold reality of quarantine camps for fake pandemics, forced vaccinations and indefinite incarcerations for those who are not socially fit to be part of this drug up -- dumbed down civilization.


While the game show theatrics of the Political 'Actor' Trump and his gang of Chabad terrorist pick through what used to belong to Americans -- like Vultures over recently roadkill, those of us who enjoyed freedom of travel, privacy, medical freedom, due process, speedy trial will just have to weep.


This is a sad day -- American gave up Liberty for $1000 a plate reality-show and thunderous applause as the Government saved us all from the terrible coronavirus -- (common cold) mockery at its finest.


All that remains is the collection of the USA into something like a North American Union and the emergence of some psychopath wearing Rabbi clothes telling us we are all Noahides now .. Maybe that will be completed within the next 5 years.




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