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Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on January 20, 2020 at 8:50 AM

A massive alternative media campaign was sprung on us this weekend. Don't go to Virginia. It's a trap.

Could there be anyone who would even for a moment think the enemies of the republic would close up shop and abandon their traitorous agendas without a fight? I guess they think there are.

Whether Second Amendment supporters attend Virginia or not, the state has hired actors for a propaganda operation to rival the Charlottesville event. The media will perpetuate the lies and the patriots and Second Amendment will be vilified. The only way to defeat their plan is more loyal Americans to show up en masse. That will allow the actors to be forced off the street. Imagine if there were tens of thousands of patriots in Charlottesville. The trap couldn't have been sprung. The fraudulent aspects would have been filmed and exposed. The streets would have been filled preventing the escape of the guilty.

Imagine thousands of patriots in Newtown on a certain day of infamy. The charades would be proven beyond doubt. The only way to perpetuate them is to be absent from the playing field. That leaves us with no doubt that the so called alternative media that is telling Second Amendment supporters to stay home are Mockingbird Patriot Media pursuing the goals of the masters with the art of war removing enemy forces from the field of action without firing a shot.

Imagine the same opinion pieces speaking of Concord at a crucial time. Don't go. Stay home. It's a trap. The British army is waiting for you. The London Times will make you look bad. King George is rolling in his grave wishing he had tried that.

Today is Dr. Martin Luther King Day. Imagine if his supporters stayed home. Don't go. It's a trap. They're waiting for you. He knew it. His supporters knew it. They marched into the breech and took their lumps and won the ground. In the British SAS the motto is who dares wins. Sitting it out is the recipe for failure and path to capitulation.

What would the founding fathers have done? They'd have marched. They'd have conquered the ground. The mockingbird media and the actors would have received special treatment for treason that could well have ended on a rope. They would most definitely have silenced the propaganda media had it existed as it does today as a primary objective.

There were great Americans in the past. Their words are just memories not divine inspiration. Admiral Farragut comes to mind. Damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead. Have we forgotten the legendary John Paul Jones? I have not yet begun to fight. Our 'patriot' leaders coined the Monty Python vernacular run away, run away. They never began to fight in a wholly unexpected way. They were absent from the fight.

The right to bear arms from its earlier roots in the English Bill of Rights was bestowed upon the victors not the vanquished. The Americans enshrined the right in their Constitution. The British walked away from their heritage and resumed a lifestyle where groveling before the lord and master is the mark of a man. That right was bestowed upon Protestants after The Inquisition. There's nothing like medieval torture to make one determined to establish life, liberty and estate as a way of life backed up by the right to bear arms. I am aghast that the freedom lovers would heed such garbage so blithely, but propaganda works well, very well. We shall see how the day unfolds if the numbers were reduced or the heart of freedom was gutted from the republic without a shot heard around the world. It is a sad epitaph to a great nation.

I'd have like to think that it would be the Americans that held the line against the enemies of freedom. If you're warming your backsides at home, then the republic is lost. You should consider turning in your guns, burning your bibles, shredding your Constitution, tearing down old glory from the mast head and rising the one world blue wonder to which you've willing submitted, or you can say the one word reply of General Anthony McAuliffe of Bastogne facing insurmountable odds in the Battle of the Bulge in WWII. When given the option to surrender he said, NUTS! The right to bear arms are for the victors not the vanquished. Choose your lot well. Your freedom was only free because someone else paid for it.

'georgism' on the Constitution:


A Constitution not backed up by the people's right to bear arms is no more valuable than a fiat currency not backed by gold or silver. It is a piece of paper that diminishes with value over time as the original terms and conditions are forgotten by the succeeding generations through manipulation or neglect until it is completely worthless.


The tyrant can be no more expected to see the needs and desires of the people as the predator his feed. It is the law of the jungle that supersedes all laws over time since it is the lowest common denominator. Without physical means to hold the tyrant at bay, all semblance of honor or justice or peace or liberty is nothing more than an illusion.

The Mockingbird Patriot Media has played their hand. We know them for what they are now a Benedict Arnold press. In days past our fathers marched. Our mothers prepared ammunition and bandages. Nothing of import comes without sacrifice. As you decide, you inherit UN blue or old glory. God Bless America the last bulwark against tyranny. She will stand or fall in the days to come.



Alissa Skelton

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Trevor O’Connor, 21, traveled from Nashville to show solidarity. Armed with an AR-15 and 170 rounds of ammo. He carried a mask to protect him from tear gas if things turn ugly. He said he fears gun regulations could come to Tennessee next. He said police asked for his address. – at Virginia State Capitol

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Alissa Skelton

‏Verified account @AlissaSkelton


Grayson County Virginia Sheriff Richard Vaughan is here with his deputies. He said he won’t enforce stricter gun laws. We are here to stand up for the Second Amendment, he said. Many people are shaking his hand and thanking him.

8:29 AM - 20 Jan 2020 from Virginia State Capitol

Support your local Sheriff.

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