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Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on December 7, 2019 at 2:35 AM

There is something seriously askew in international relations. At the NATO summit Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seems to have gone on the offensive with President Trump. The body language from this image has dominated the Canadian press. Trudeau appears to be overpowering the president with his macho man persona. It was a complete form of disrespect to the office, the man and the nation that in reality is NATO. I found the affront disturbing as senior bashing and worse. However, in this particular image we see Donald isn't kowtowing completely to the boy blunder. He's putting the squeeze on the grip in the handshake. 

In past days such an affront would have resulted in gunboats at your shores or marines landing in your capital to usher the despot through the streets. I believe President Trump attended the summit in good faith with concerns over the alleged allies stepping up to the financial plate. He was laughed at and mocked by the Eurocrats and their new found leader Justinian I. 

I feel most Americans are unaware how serious an affront this was. The enemies of the republic are what I term quantum enemies because they are both foreign and domestic by alliances and treaties such as NATO. Working in collusion with those Americans determined to destroy the republic from within and usher in a global government based on the philosophies of the anti-Christ, they are circling the president the last bastion of defense against this threat like sharks. I further feel concerned that they are advancing in overwhelming force regardless of the outcome of the next election. The unfortunate part is there are no defensive operations in the works to protect the president and save the republic.

Firstly, the president cannot openly admit the gravity of the situation due to political issues within these alliances. However, the only logical counter move would be for the president to pull the U.S. out of NATO. It doesn't need NATO. NATO needs the U.S. That shifts the defense bill upon them wholly. America must abstain from foreign wars. It really matters not who masters Europe in the nuclear age. If the Eurocrats show their courage snickering behind the president's back, they should have no reserve leading their respective nations and militaries on the battlefield.

Too many of America's finests sons and daughters have fertilized the the earth in Europe over the years. For these noble ventures the nation is regarded with scorn and ridicule as an outdated vestige from the past. Europe is hell bent to create a hegemonic demonic state in spite of everything. It is time they shoulder the burdens of destiny, and the president should make that abundantly clear.

The president has been boxed in. He is surrounded on all fronts and needs help. However, he cannot ask with the request leading to further calls for impeachment by the domestic traitors. In that light, in order to protect the president and save the republic, he needs a gift under his Christmas tree. He needs to win the propaganda war. Justinian I isn't two faced. That's far too mild. He's a sanctimonious piece of scheisse. He needs a Mission Impossible mission to expose and discredit these mandarins. Of course, it would be a mission that requires to be deeply covert without an 'official' approval. He needs a Wikileaks style dump on Macron, Boris Johnson, Princess Anne and most importantly Justinian I.

First and foremost to that end would be the $2.5 million non disclosure agreement between the most likely underage student from the school where he abused her. The other revelation would be his off shore accounts which I believe are in St. Kitts and Nevis. A trail might be blazed through Toronto mayor John Tory whose communications might not have been as well protected. Another branch would be Public Safety Minister Bill Blair. He has a list of guns to ban. We need a list of ill gotten gains off shore. With such material under the Christmas tree of the president, his enemies will be stifled and the republic will be saved. It is just that crucial.

Bullies, like the eurocrats, need a good reminder that he who is without sin may cast the stones. That is not that lecherous group I assure you. These truths will set us all free in the true spirit of Christ. If he died in vain, so will America. On this Mission Impossible there won't even be the secretary to disavow your actions. There will be the honor of the land and the ghosts of battles past to say Semper Fi.

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