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Cyborg super soldiers: US Army report reveals vision for deadly 'machine humans'

Posted by George Freund on December 2, 2019 at 4:25 PM

Military scientists say future armies could be made up of cyborgs with enhancements allowing them to see, hear and fight better than current soldiers


Enhancements could be made to soldiers' eyes, ears, brain and muscular system

As well as creating better fighters, this could improve their chances of survival

The study predicts that these enhancements will be widely available by 2050

The US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command created the study



PUBLISHED: 09:23 EST, 29 November 2019 | UPDATED: 10:45 EST, 29 November 2019

Future armies could be made up of half-human half-machine cyborgs with infrared sight, ultrasonic hearing and super strength, equipped with mind-controlled weapons.

In a US Army report, experts from Devcom - the Combat Capabilities Development Command - outlined a number of possible future technologies that could be used to enhance soldiers on the battlefield by 2050.

These include enhanced limbs for increased strength, an eye that provides infrared and ultraviolet vision, and an audio device that provides ultra- and subsonic hearing.


The final major change would be an implant in the brain that would allow the soldier to control technology with their mind 




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