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Posted by George Freund on November 30, 2019 at 9:55 AM

Well what do you know? After many long years the word is getting out. The key to ending the perpetual victim status the powers that be relegate us to for their advantage and amusement has been foiled. The key to overwhelming the aggressor is to counterattack with whatever is at hand. The reason is that deep inside the perpetrator relishes the feelings of power and control over the victims. If that can be turned around, they lose whatever edge they thought they had and go to pieces.

In my post from the time I suggested using the fire suppression equipment every building is equipped with to counterattack. The fire hose can knock a man flat. With enough use drown him. It will make interior floors slippery causing the aggressor to go down whereupon he can be overpowered.


The other main tactic is to approach from several directions at once. As the attacker turns to face the threat, he turns his back on the others. Itcan work with two but is best with three or four. In this case, the lads used the fire extinguishers. The dry chemical will disorient the culprit and the inhalation of the material makes breathing uncomfortable. The main feature is the criminal loses control. You press forward and keep at him till you can do the take down. Smother the limbs especially if he's got possession of a weapon. He can't use it if you have control of the limb. Break it if necessary for better pain compliance.

These people were textbook on the money here.

Now the big question is what was the plain clothes policeman doing there? Was he the terrorist's handler? Then if the general public got the guy down and maintained control of him, why was he executed. The top response would be to prevent the Manchurian under control of the state from being questioned or held to the light of a trial. The old pirate adage holds true dead men tell no tales.

The real ticker was the Narwhal tusk. As we say in Kanada after the successful use of an article in self defense, I thought they banned Narwhal tusks. Well give them some time. Maybe they hadn't thought of it yet. You use whatever is at hand. Improvised weapons and tactics are very effective means to survive the false flag or any other battlefield. The surprise element adds luster.

It is the power of the people that built modern society. It is the removal of that power by the  devious that will destroy it. In the state sponsored propaganda war, we are made out to be the enemy to ourselves. The only thing a free and well armed society are enemy to is the power elites that wish to restore their dominion over us rendering us to perpetual serfdom again.

You fight back with the counterattack. You need mindset the will to win. You also resist the propagenda of the state and their whores the media. You come to understsand your rights are God given and inviolet.

We see here the denouement. The police order the citizens off. The assailant gets his hands free to become a threat. They shoot him to death as they are trained to do. All that was necessary at that point was the cuffing. This was and still is the major tactical error of the state power apparatus. If the explosive vest was real as opposed to fake, his free hand could have taken them all to paradise. They had big guns, nice uniforms and no common sense. The explosive travels several fold faster than their bullets which may have detonated the vest for the terrorist.

I learned a long, long time ago in affairs of street combat never let your ego get in the way of making a good arrest. You use everything God brought to the scene and get the job done with the least amount of fuss.


Thomas Gray and Stevie Hurst, who both work at Small Car Big City. James Ford a convicted murderer who was out on day release.

A fine buch of lads who didn't flinch under the test.

The Metropolitan Police has named convicted terrorist Usman Khanas the man responsible for the London Bridge Terror attack which claimed two lives. The curfew and ankle bracelet were very effective it appears. I would guess that this was allowed to happen to keep the terror panic in vogue and eliminate early release of any serf in the future as they might resist their pending slavery in the coming digital concentration camps in the Google Archipelago.

Dorothy this isn't Khanas anymore.

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