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Posted by George Freund on November 6, 2019 at 9:55 AM

King John signs Magna Carta after the events at Runnymede

A brave, determined individual has taked Prime Minister Trudeau to court by right of private information. He is presenting the case that the officials of government won't. He is facing a stoney wall if obstacles as the system proves it it truly a facade.

At first they locked him out of the court. On Monday they told Norman Traversy that his case has little chance at success. I think we know that already. It is not that it lacks merit. It is because the courts are rigged and controlled by the political class named in the case as brigands.

Norman states when the courts are not available to the commoner, then we exist in a pre-Magna Carta existance.  Somehow I wonder if we've ever been under the precepts of Magna Carta. The universal law is the law of the jungle might makes right. For a short period of time the barons held sway over the king and he was forced to sign the Magna Carta. However, after a period of time, the power structure resumed and usurped control over the commoners and the barons. 

There was a short conflict called The Baron's War whereby King John refused the instruments of Magna Carta. There was a revolt with the support of the King of France. The French lost the war. The rebels returned to the side of England. King John died during the war. The peace treaties are lost to history. We could infer that Magna Carta went down to defeat with the French. Pope Innocent III was not giving credence to the charter by the way. He annulled it. 

Henry III was a child king at the time. in 1225 he conceded to Magna Carta for the ability to raise more tax revenue. In 1227 he declared future charters would be only instituted under his seal. That happened in 1253. In 1258 the baron's seized power. A second baron's war occured. His son Edward defeated the baron's. They claimed exceeding the provisions of the charter violated the charter. To keep peace Henry committed to Magna Carta in 1267. 

So we see the Magna Carta was never worth the paper it was written on. It only had merit when various sides held sway. That sway was maintained by force of arms or through financial negotiations. In the 20th century When Belgium was formed out of The Treaty of London in 1839 Germany referred to the treaty as a mere scrap of paper when they invaded Belgium in 1914. So only brute force or the threat of it gives and treaty or charter any value. Without coercion the law of the jungle, our sacred words are mean nothing. Therefore, we can never say we're ruled by a system of laws, charters or treaties. It is the rule of the mob - the law of the jungle that decides destinies. To pretend otherwise gives it license. So appearing in court and playing by the rules is an exercise in frivolity to the ruling cliques then and today. It is the threat of the sword that deigned civility. Without feality to the documents, anarchy is the only tool to seek redress. As always, it has come with great cost. 

Norman will play a remaining trump card in the crooked game. He will file a Writ of Mandamus before the courts. A superior court is requested to order a lesser court or government official to do what is required of them. Since the baron's profit from the corruption in the system, I doubt there will ever be a further revolt. However, just in case Emperor Justinian I will move on the arms of the proletariat as a precaution. 

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