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Letter to the editor: Why does any Canadian need a handgun? What the gun control debate is missing?

Posted by George Freund on September 22, 2019 at 11:00 AM

What the debate is missing is the bulk of the rationale that enshrined the right to bear arms in the British Bill of Rights in 1689 in the first place. A 'civilized' nation in the grip of conflict between two forces vying for control of the people and the state by the control of the interpretation of God was released from an ominous period of time called The Inquisition. The church and the state had no trouble arresting, torturing and murdering vast swathes of the heretics of the day in a holy crusade. The new protestant king enshrined certain rights into the bill of rights to prevent such an atrocity from occurring again because the illusion of the parliamentary democracy is that the rights of minorities are respected and the power base is, of, by, and for the people.

Chairman Mao expanded that premise quite accurately when he stated political power grows out of the barrel of a gun. He surely knew wielding many of them and marching many off to slaughter. As a point of fact 163 million people were killed by their governments in the 20th century. The number is so heinous as to almost make one long for the good old days of The Inquisition if it weren't for the torture.

Of course, we are 'civilized' now in Canada. We sells arms to third parties to slaughter innocent women and children who even carry the label of visible minority here in the homeland. But that is O.K. because we do it for the all mighty dollar and the exploitation of resources. We sell arms to Saudi Arabia a country which has killed 134 of its citizens just this year in beheadings and even crucifixions if we can even grasp the sordid practice in our liberal, left value system. We supply weapons and loathe the point that weapons are supplied to nefarious entities to slaughter innocents here.

We neglect certain credos like Operation Gladio where our very own NATO recruited, trained and deployed special forces to attack our own people to raise consensus against the Russians and other assorted communists in the cold war, but that is the ultimate application of the art of statecraft to create impetus to turn the people in the direction of the masters of the system with the strategy of tension. It is the ultimate weapon really. We panic and scare the public to come begging to the very state for shelter from a perceived threat that was created by the very state calling for total control of political power.

We have a marvelous track record in the application of civility. We interned the Japanese Canadians and took their property. We practiced a form of ethnic cleansing on the Inuit killing all their dogs and depriving them of their culture and ability to have a livelihood. Then generations later we realize our wrongs and apologize. In the latter, there was a truth and reconciliation process mostly limited to stations in the extreme north not to be seen or heard from Canadians in the south the ones who actually facilitated it.

If you've ever taken the time to watch the truth and reconciliation process in South Africa, you'd hear agents of the state in the military, police and intelligence services confess all manner of crimes against the people in furtherance of an agenda for the state. We expect all our state agents to be all semi divine Christ like figures that walk on water and only burn barns under duress not roast Somali's over open flames in a barrel. So we are to be seduced as opposed to outright forced to surrender the political power that emanates from the possession of arms and give it to the state that for any of the above mentioned reasons would be deprived outright from the issuance of a firearms license. It is the ultimate chemin de fer practiced by states prior to the extermination of lots of people included in the 163 million executions.

Of course, we are above all that with the great god emperor Justinian I being the model Caesar. Really? The right to bear arms was given to the protestants specifically to protect them from the Catholic monarch. Is M. Trudeau born into the Roman faith reversing the rights established by a protestant king so many centuries ago to establish his personal ideation of god among the heathen citizens?

We dare not even to ask Canada's role in Operation Gladio. We have all the hallmarks in our past too. It was the government that gave Marc Lepine a firearms license. It was a police supervisor who ordered his officers to stand down. It was a CSIS agent and now media darling leading the infamous Toronto 18. They supplied the pistol and explosives. I was following the police and security forces and blew their cover on late night radio when I observed the army trucks hauling explosives into the downtown core a month prior to the terrorists' arrests in what could be termed a replay of the infamous gunpowder plot in old London. Instead of a war with Spain, we'd have been mired in a war in Iraq. So I'm not so naive as to think agents of the state didn't break into the Saskatchewan gun store.

There is a future on the horizon. It involves comrade Google creating the ultimate Orwellian City as a prototype in Toronto where your every move is tracked and controlled. Elon Musk openly flaunts the desire and the means to access and load your consciousness into a device or better yet the cloud. He states if you have an iphone, you're already a cyborg. It will just be a matter of generating more power to effect that task. You agreed to that accepting the updates in your contract with the supreme to be power. Perhaps as the process unfolds, the digital concentration camp might not be acceptable any more, and you'd know why the right to bear arms was established. However, unsatisfactory thoughts are punished in this realm. The torture being inflicted through your phone as a short, sharp pain in the head that won't go away until you submit.

In China, they use the social credit score where all activity is recorded and scored. Those activities the state favors receive a reward. Those that do not remove previous rights now privileges. The pain of interment is the last resort.

As a person of Polish, German heritage; I'm starting to understand how my grandfathers' generation felt in 1933 as Comrade Hitler came to power. It is an ill, sick feeling in the pit of the stomach that is hard to explain. He was wise to bring in the gun control tool at the outset of the future pogroms because people may have been comfortable with the political power growing out of the barrels of the guns of the agents of the state -- the police and the military. As the chemin de fer started rolling to their ultimate destinations, I'm sure the thoughts of why were resolved in the tumultuous toiling of events playing over and over as the object became clear. It was not the why of needing arms. It was the why did we let this happen in the first place?

The beauty of the philosopher is the power of the words like those who don't know their history are condemned to repeat it. So I would ask why are we allowing ourselves to be set up yet again? That feeling you can't quite explain in the pit of your stomach still pangs. However, perhaps several generations hence another Prime Minister will apologize for what happened during the truth and reconciliation process. We'll learn why again and continue doing it again in the great chemin de fer because it is the great sport of kings world global domination. The last right to safeguard a society is the right to arms because, after all, without it all talk of rule by the people is an illusion.

We compliment Mssrs. White and Cardoso on a sage application of the art of massaging information in the fine art of propaganda. As a popular radio talk show host in the United States, I can read what you will most likely refuse to publish, but my desire is to derail the chemin de fer before it starts its journey. You Mssrs. will have the unbridled joy of leading your fellows into a trap from which they may not escape. You will do your job so well you'll even join them.

It will read like Tennyson perhaps. The valley of death will be your trapped consciousness in the cloud. Jesus is supposed to rise with those that remain and free the dead in the cloud. Hopefully, I'm one of them. For now I understand that verse better than ever. Onward. Charge. The march of folly was its name. I keep my promise of never again to my grandfather. You break it. Why?

Sincerely yours,

George Freund.

Half a league, half a league,

Half a league onward,

All in the valley of Death

Rode the six hundred.

“Forward, the Light Brigade!

Charge for the guns!” he said.

Into the valley of Death

Rode the six hundred.

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