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PRESTO! My Money's Gone!

Posted by George Freund on August 11, 2019 at 10:50 AM

There are scams as old as the hills. One of the top performers all through the years has been the siphon operation. In virtually every country on Earth the public purse and the public's purse has been up for grabs. It is the call of the truly wild. Corrupt officials cannot evade the siren's call at the loading platform to the gravy train. 

In the Grand Duchy of Canada that has been our history since Confederation. That was in 1867. We were a large disconnected nation. The grand scheme involved building a railway that would ultimately unite the nation from sea to shining sea. That was a noble venture to be true, but the politicians of the day heard the lure of the siren and tapped into the vast dominion of dollars to pad their pockets. It was called The Pacific Railway Scandal. It involved the Prime Minister Sir John A. MacDonald and 150 members of parliament. MacDonald resigned about the only honorable thing he ever did. The incoming liberal government took over the role of robber barons. That is the history of Canadian politics. Pierre Berton immortalized the era in his books The National Dream and The Last Spike. I read them as part of the school break reading assignment. I thought I was reading about the noble railway not tomes on graft and corruption. My naivete passed away. 

Of course the years have clicked along the tracks. There are many new players in the grand scheme of transit. The big issue today is local mass transit. Politicians at all levels have their various schemes to make everything and everyone flow smoothly. They bank on the naivete I lost a long, long time ago. I hear rumblings along the rail lines of today rumblings of a future past. The siren's song is still echoing in the ears of those who lead us. They have deep seeded needs that require satiation. Many in the record today involve illicit sex, power and control. The quest for cash seems to pale under the limelight, but it still is a force to be reckoned with. 

I hear regularly that people go to load their cards at the various Presto machines owned by Metrolinx not the individual transit companies. So when you get stung, there's nothing they can do for you. The political leaders have mandated that we must evade the traditional fares like cash, ticket and token because it's too expensive to collect the money some several millions of dollars per year. So to save money a billion dollar system was in order. Foolish me thought we could collect money for quite some time without such a large expenditure, but neither I or my money gets off shore that often. 

Somehow from the start I saw my BIG BROTHER was involved in this scheme because it tracks the riders and is termed SMART! That's satellite mapping and remote tracking if you had any thoughts of escaping the matrix or getting out of Dodge at some point in time. These same politicians are working hand in glove with Comrade Google to build the city of the future which is more rightly described as a digital concentration camp to those who are a little more perceptive. At the local level Diamond John Tory is the biggest cheer leader of it all. He has the foresight to confiscate all the arms as well in classic application of the Hegelian Dialectic so when the mark of the beast is applied to the useless eaters, they won't resist as effectively as they could. He believes we're just too SMART to figure all this out. Perhaps he's right. 

Another feature of these wonderful PRESTO readers is they can give you a receipt for way more money than you would ever ask for. They keep saying it's a GLITCH in the software. Oh SMART can be so STOOPID at times. Imagine this lady being billed $4,000 for 40. Politicians haven't had it so good since the 1870's. Then one of the other great features is they are going to sell your data just like the Zuck to give you a better experience. That will include your personal details and credit card numbers. I think we can invent a new word from the experience after criminals hack the system and steal your money. You can say, I just got Zucked! 

Toronto Mayor John Tory the facilitator of SMART TRACK and PRESTO gave up a top gun law profession and the CEO position of Rogers Communications to sacrifice millions in remuneration for public service. 

And that's not the only way either. I hear many stories of people loading their cards and having their funds taken without receiving anything added to the card. PRESTO! You just got Zucked again. Many people won't complain because it isn't worth the hassle for a few dollars. Besides the GLITCH is back they'll say with no hope to fix it. We've spent too much money to go back. Like the socks lost in the drier, they leave our dimensional space never to be found again. Oh Zuck! I heard of a woman yesterday who lost $50. The transit companies assist. They are loathe to put an out of order sign on the zuckers. 

So should I conclude this is being done on purpose in a process known as siphoning? It would be a reasonable conclusion based on the history of rogues controlling the levers of power. They seem hell bent to bring in the anti-Christ system and help themselves to all our loot in the process. I mean that's what happened in Germany in the holocaust, and the same tech style companies are invovled. Imagine that. History repeats itself. 

It could be the coolest new neighborhood on the planet—or a peek into the Orwellian metropolis that knows everything you did last night.

And they'll run it all and load your mind into the cloud for safe keeping. PRESTO!

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