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Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on August 6, 2019 at 6:15 PM

The beauty of the gun control argument is it is like drilling a hole in your boat to let the water out. When more water comes in, you drill more or bigger holes expecting a different result.

A long time ago when guns were universally available 1870 to 1905, the homicide rate in the U.S. was akin to that of Prince Edward Island in Canada 0.8 to 1.2 per hundred thousand. Not being inured with rational thought, the loonie left never ponder why. They don't care really. They just want power and control and a docile populace to rule. They will plant the thoughts, control the money, and have a monopoly of force to keep you under control. That's the Utopian dream.

I looked at the matter. There were issues. Dysfunctional behavior was not tolerated in the slightest. Behavior like I've seen would be met by the nearest adult male with a quick trip to the pavement for just being disrespectful never mind criminal or violent. Religious values were taught in public and maintained in society. I determined there was a ratio to the removal of prayer in school to the rise of crime and violence and establishment of anarchy in the school system. We have been in a downward spiral for many years. The Lord's prayer taught forgiveness to trespasses. The lack of it teaches revenge and assault including the use of firearms.

Here in Canada they just passed a gun control bill. This last weekend had 17 shootings just in Toronto. Legitimate gun owners are blamed for the criminal use of black market guns used by men fighting a massive drug war. That should seem odd that powerful crime cartels are fighting for turf about selling a completely banned substance narcotics using illicit arms. I expect in the rational mind a light might come on. We don't have a gun or violence problem. They are symptoms of the problem. We have a drug problem.

So the ones who either won't because, as politicos, they profit from drug money or can't are set as arbiters of solving the problem they created in the first place by a complete lack of knowledge of it save and except that they hate guns. That tells me that much more water is going to fill the boat until it founders. Then we become the modern failed state style city like London, England where the rule of law has evaporated and the guns can't be blamed since they were banned from honest hands. All that's left are the issues I discuss that can't be admitted to by the radical left.

I further applied my lessons in economics to the problem. You can't ban anything. It violates the law of supply and demand. That's why we have a drug problem. That's why prohibition didn't work. Yet we expect these politicos to manage the economy without the slightest comprehension of the basics. Another basic is the path of least resistance. We set up an onerous gun control system. Whether we like it or not, anything and everything in existence has a supply and demand curve including guns. Banning them drives the point of intersection of the supply and demand curve upwards. That raises the price and makes the trade in them more lucrative just like narcotics. Someone will meet the demand. It will most likely be the crime cartels dealing in narcotics. That is the path of least resistance. Ergo the streets will be awash with both guns and narcotics a terrible combination. At that point there is no state control of the possession of guns or regulation as to their use and the lowest common denominator comes into play - mayhem.

There is a solution. It is legalizing drugs. They are a public health issue not a crime issue. It lowers the intersection of the supply and demands curves. The ideal would be to get it as close to zero as possible. Then there is no incentive to sell them. The criminal element fades away. The conflict between gangs disappears and the demand for illicit firearms disappears. I think that's a win, win proposition; but we aren't permitted to win for some reason. People of influence I feel profit from the narcotics trade just like in the days of the East India Company and The Opium Wars. The American hoi polloi was built on that evil trade. Portugal as a nation legalized narcotics and crime dropped 75%. Not bad action when one uses the neurons wisely. The crimes necessary to support a narcotics addiction faded away.

So do we continue on the path to ruination or do we actually use the laws and forces of math and science and solve the problem? We should, but they won't because society is controlled by Machiavelli's The Prince not the Bible or the other text The Christian Prince. We must stop reacting emotionally to circumstances in a form of lynch mob justice with lawful gun users the ones taken to the tree. However, democracy is akin to mob rule. Chaos brings people begging rulers for an answer whether right or generally most often wrong. That entrenches their power and leaves the people prostrate at their own request. That's been the formula since the dawn of time. It was the key to maniacal power assembled just prior to the state's other main objective culling the herds of undesirables by genocide. Yes the dear state has killed more people that anything or anyone else really. They want the guns again. I think I recognize the pattern. It's the final hole in the ship's bottom. God help us!

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