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Posted by George Freund on July 28, 2019 at 8:40 AM

It shouldn't come as any sort of surprise that the Chinese social credit system is waiting in the wings of one of the top hydro electric companies in North America Alectra Utilities. With the age old holocaust facilitator IBM (I Burned Many), they will adapt their Hyperledger framework to reward customers with 'sparks' for using alternative or green energy.

This is the classic reward fragment of the social credit system which has absolutely no relation to the social credit money system designed by Douglas to create debt free money. This system is best described as the carrot and the stick. At the beginning to seduce you into it, they offer you carrots. Once snared then, of course, the stick can be applied to those who haven't performed their duty of submission adequately. That might in time include the infamous instrument of obediance from the classic first generation of Star Trek episode The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky

You see Gene Roddenberry was a participant of discussions with our alien masters. Most of his Star Trek scripts were based on the material revealed by our true masters the 'aliens.' So you see the concept of the spark is right on the mark of the beast. I would further conclude based on all the lives we've been subjected to is that the world is hollow and we can touch the sky.

It is important to understand that tattooes and piercings are fundamental aspects to the plot. The tattoo ink is conductive and makes a micro circuit board on your skin. The piercings are essential elements as well to send electrical stimulation into your body with the main target the brain

It all sounds like so much fun this social credit mark of the beast system. It leads me to the inescapeable conclusion that mankind has been captured and offered to the enemy as bounty. Our leaders are Quislings gaining money, power and influence in the deal. Christ, too, was offered dominion of his Father's house by Satan. He, however, refused. Make no Skull & Bones about it, others have not. 

So the enemy will attempt to make great strides with the carrot approach at this time. We must resist and resent the traitors to our species. They are the thief in the night that comes under the cloud of deception hell bent to steal our very souls and imprison them in the infamous cloud. So for a $100 bonus you can be condemned to abject slavery along the yellow brick road to Google's digital concentration camp. I'm sure your parents warned you not to take candy from strangers. It comes with conditions. These past relics offer a glimpse of them. 

I bet you can't wait. In the past, resettlement was the lie. In this era inducement is being applied. As Smokey the bear used to say, learn not to burn. The blockchain was an National Security Agency operation. They are chains to be sure. The chains of the master upon the beast to hold you in your place with no buying or selling without his mark. Anything that comes from the tree of knowledge, silicon, is meant to destroy anything from the tree of life - carbon. We are at the top of the list. 

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