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Posted by George Freund on June 2, 2019 at 8:50 PM

It is my considered opinion that the tree of knowledge mentioned in scripture is the silicon beast best understood as the computer. Col. Philip Corso led me to that conclusion after reading his book The Day After Roswell. He said, the life in the Roswell craft which was a time machine was the silicon wafer not the humanoid beings. They were genetically modified robots. 

Apple made good and sure it called it's company with a name to reference that. Corso said, the technology we know today came from that craft. The military gave it away to enterprising individuals like Steve Jobs to do what they wished with it as long as the source was kept secret. I view Roswell as a Trojan Horse operation based on the fact his analysis was we'd spread the silicon around the world like Ebola. It would become a giant computer brain that would enslave us. Those complicitous say we're wrong. Really? 

I say the iphone and tablets will be powered under 5G to either download our minds into them or upload a silicon program into them. We were reluctant to take mark of the beast so a technological candy was built that we line up for readily. You see in the images the tablet flat screen long before its release in the film Superman II in 1980. It was a prison called the phantom zone. There will come a day when you will be imprisoned in it. There will be no escape. Worse still, you will be cut off from God because the connection between us will be filled with an artificial copy. 

The Apple trademark in a mirror image. They don't hide it. They don't need to. People need eyes to see and ears to hear, but they have none. I further state that the serpent of the tree of knowledge is the fiber optic cable. It is for Lucifer the light bearer. The tree of life is the carbon based life God created. The silicon life deceives us. They don't need much help because the very elect are deceived. They lead us into the trap willingly. The trick is will you see it before it is sprung on you? Revelation says only 144,000 are saved. Wouldn't you like to be in that number? 

The alien agenda shills claim there is a group called the Archons that are evil and we should hate them. They base their suppositions on the spinning ball analogy of existence. Yet at the same time they claim the good aliens can't get through the Earth's plasma field with their technology. Yet our antiquated aluminum foil spacecraft got out in the 1960's. I submit the Archons are a euphemism for Carhons (carbons) all Eden life. The silicon wants it all destroyed and the biosphere turned into a lifeless rock like our neighbors. The silicon can exist in extremely radioactive environments and may even prefer them. Nudge. Nudge. Wink Wink. Know what I mean. 

So we are faced with a choice. We can become imprisoned in the silicon matrix, or we can say NO to the beast system and not allow ourselves to be pressured into the eternal trap. The serpent lies so very, very well, but as your parents told you, don't take candy from strangers; and there's no greater stranger than the beast. 

There is a light. I've seen it. It comes from an age old source. 

Don't be fooled again. It's a byte not a bite. There will be no turning back. 

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