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Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on March 25, 2019 at 9:25 AM

We see the complete and total implementation of the Orwellian police state compliments of the false flag being raised by a despotic police state. You cannot possess the evidence because it shows the truth. The film was computer generated and is so full of errors to qualify as comedy. The so called Manifesto has Tarrant state he was a US Navy Seal on special forces assignment. 

Have no fear Jacinda will cleanse your mind of the offending material the truth. This was a psychological operation from beginning to end. It was deigned to declare war on the people of the world never mind New Zealand. As an act of war, the regime in New Zealand should face sanctions. If the governments are incapable, the people aren't. Boycott the country as an enemy of free states. 

In Jesus logic the truth sets you free. The liars are clearly exposed for their express train ride to slavery and bondage by dismantling centuries of human development. The New Zealand government is working overtime on the matter of the destruction of liberty. So either Jesus was wrong or the New Zealand whoremonger is. 

                                 Ministry of Truth

                                                 STONE COLD DEAD

I was so cold in fact I put my socks on before Tarrant returned. Jim Stone is still one of the great reporters. That's why Jacinda is banning the video and the manifesto wherein Tarrant claims to be a US Navy Seal with plenty of weapons and to have successfully completed hundreds of missions all over the world. The video even shows a New Zealand copper directing him in traffic. How's that for community relations. 

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