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Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on March 22, 2019 at 9:30 AM

Imagine you're holding a left wing racism rally at Toronto City Hall. It comes on the heels of New Zealand's Operation Gladio mosque shooting. However, hardly anyone shows up. What is one want to do?

Well the answer is obvious. You call in the agents provocateur. Enter the man with the MAGA cap and the Queen of the Charlottesville charade Faith Goldy. Immediately your rally gains media traction and becomes the talk of the town on all the morning MSM news shows. What a smashing success. 

It's som simple it could be done with crayons for the screenplay. The foolish dolts trusting the fake news may even believe the street theater is real, but just to be on the safe side we still need to take our cues. 

Put on a good show. The cameras are rolling. See how they cower in fear before the police state. 

Unlike Charlottesville it's a party atmosphere. Everyone smile we're on the news. 

O.K. Let's get in rolling with a feigned assault of Faith. It's not a hockey fight because the handler is nearby. 

Thanks for making our rally a success Faith. It wasn't newsworthy before you arrived. We won't tell anyone you're an agents provocateur. 

MAGA MAN is hauled away in irons. We didn't seem him break any law in the clip save and except committing a thought crime for having the audacity to wear a MAGA cap. It's all street theater 101. So don't have a cow man. 

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