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Tsunami kills 222

Posted by George Freund on December 23, 2018 at 2:20 PM

Smoke billows from the volcano after it erupted and caused a killer wave which crashed onto beaches in Indonesia

The death toll stood at 220 on Sunday while the number of injured was more than 800 and still climbing

Seventeen's lead singer Riefian 'Ifan' Fajarsyah announced the deaths of four band members on Sunday

Seventeen were performing on stage at Tanjung Lesung beach when a tsunami struck on Saturday evening

The band's bassis M. Awal Purbani, road manager Oki Wijaya, guitarist Herman Sikumbang and crew member Ujang were all killed and the drummer and one of the band member's wife are still missing


PUBLISHED: 06:14 EST, 23 December 2018 | UPDATED: 12:31 EST, 23 December 2018

The 20ft tsunami was caused by the volcanic eruption which triggered underwater landslides, scientists have said

Four members of a boy band were killed when they were hit by a tsunami while playing onstage in Indonesia in a devastating natural disaster which was caught on camera, on Saturday evening.

Jaw dropping footage of the exact moment the 20ft wave came crashing down on the stage, engulfing the band, emerged on Sunday morning as it was revealed 220 are dead.

A video which was being recorded in the seconds before the wave hit showed families enjoying a performance by Seventeen when suddenly the entire stage is smashed to pieces by the wave.

The band's lead singer Riefian 'Ifan' Fajarsyah told his 300,000 followers in a tearful video he was looking for the rest of the band.

The group later released a statement saying their bass player, guitarist and road manager were found dead, while two other band members and the wife of one of the performers remained missing.

Beach buildings were completely destroyed. A man is pictured on the sand but officials are warning people to stay away from the sea

Location of eruption printed in the media.


The actual location of Anak Krakatoa.  6°06′07″S 105°25′23″E

We can see three 6's in the typical Illuminati pattern of numbers. Was this the sacrifice season for Vulcan or Amen seems to be the only question? You may now resume your usual mainstream mind control program. 

The R/V Petrel was reported nea Palau on December 15 scheduled to transit to The Solomon Islands. Paul Allen's ships have been involved in exploring many ship wrecks including the USS Houston lost in the Battle of Sunda Strait in 1942. No one can know what they do down there, but most of the wrecks are adjacent fault lines and volcanoes. We posit the question what if? 

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