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Posted by George Freund on December 6, 2018 at 11:15 PM

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The aggressor approaches Russia from the West, again …

In Poland and the Baltic States the command-staff phase of the “ANAKONDA-2018” NATO military exercises, which will last until December 6th, started on November 26th. The beginning of the exercises was preceded by the military computer situational game held on October 17th-19th with the participation of the operative command of the Polish army, the joint command of NATO, and the HQ of the Multinational Corps Northeast. During the game procedures of transferring responsibility for military operations from national command structures to structures of the alliance were coordinated.

This was preceded by the November 7th-16th LIVEX army exercises on the territory of Poland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, and also in the water areas of the Baltic Sea, including the organisation of a crossing through the Vistula, the training of combat aircraft based on highways, and liberating a ship seized by the enemy near the port of Gdynia in the presence of weapons of mass destruction. Actions were also tested during an attack on sea vessels using blister agents. According to the narrative of the exercises, a poisonous gas was sprayed from the air over the Polish trawler “Dabie”.

A number of episodes of “ANAKONDA” were organised in the Polish cities of Bialystok, Chełm and Wielbark. In Bialystok, which adjoins to Belarus, the compulsory resettlement of the civilian population from a zone of military operations was for the first time practiced. Such tactics were applied in 1941 by the Wehrmacht for the purpose of hiding a concentration of troops on the Soviet borders. On the official website of NATO it wasreported that in the “ANAKONDA-2018” exercises about 12,500 servicemen took part in Poland and about 5000 servicemen in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania; 5,000 units of military equipment, 45 ships and 150 planes and helicopters were involved.

According to the official narrative of NATO, the task of the exercises was the verification of the “interoperability of the Polish Armed Forces with participating troops from 10 NATO allies: Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey, and the United States”. The exercises were led by the Commander of Polish Armed Forces Operational Command Major General Tomasz Piotrowski.

Key training events during “ANAKONDA”, as was reported on the website of NATO, were river crossings and chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) defence, military medicine, and live-firings by Polish and US troops.

It is noteworthy that there is a difference between the large number of military equipment involved during the exercises and the rather small number of military personnel (12,500 in Poland and 5,000 in the Baltic States). Perhaps such figures are given in order to avoid the need to invite foreign observers to the exercises (if the number of military personnel participating in manoeuvres exceeds 13,000, then it is necessary to invite observers from neighbouring countries).

Russian websites, referencing the opinion of experts, estimate the total number of NATO troops participating in exercises at 100,000 people, which is certainly closer to the real number of troops. It is enough to glance at the map of the range of “ANAKONDA-2018”to understand that during these exercises the encirclement and subsequent concentric offensive on the “Kaliningrad Special Region” of Russia, including the deflection of a possible counterstrike from Belarus, is being rehearsed. The ultimate goal is the capture of Kaliningrad.

In 2018 NATO planned to stage 106 joint simultaneous drills in several operational directions of the European theatre of military operations. In addition, 180 more national drills are staged in alliance member countries. Moreover, the scenario of “ANAKONDA-2018” offensive operations aimed at capturing Kaliningrad assume the possibility of using nuclear weapons.

The aggressor approaches Russia from the West, again…


Take note of the emphasis on chemical weapons. Are they preparing a false flag to give a rationale to attack or are they training for a Russian use of chemicals?

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