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Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on August 11, 2018 at 9:35 AM

Has a Holy War been declared on the citizens of Canada? Has one of Emporer Justinian's Manchurian dogs returned from the battlefields of the Middle East thoroughly inured in the art of Jihad? I have a formula in these matters. The longer the identity of a killer or terrorist is withheld the more likely he or she is a radical Islamist hell bent to slay infidels or another form of state intelligence operative. 

Yesterday August 10, 2018 at about 7 a.m. a shooting occurred at 237 Brookside Drive, Fredericton. Many rounds were fired. Bullets went through walls. Two city police officers were gunned down. Witnesses reported seeing three bodies on the ground. A third person now identified as local musician Donnie Robichaud was among them. Constables Lawrence Robert Costello and Sara Mae Helen Burns were slaughtered as well. Government propaganda organs refuse to identify the 48 year old killer in police custody and seriously wounded. We are not permitted to blaspheme the state religion so the only conclusion we can have at this point is the murderer comes from one of the bastions of Islam as a Trudeau sponsored warrior migrant. The name of the female victim is being withheld as well most likely because she is related to the gunman and her name would let the cat out of the bag too. 

Robert Costello and Sara Mae Helen Burns

On my morning news this leading story was fourth on the morning Orwellian broadcast news. A road fatality, a drowning and the anti-racism march were the top three. I guess it would take the juice out of the Islamic Holy War sympathy march if the facts were known. Not only are we at war with radical Islam, our leaders are co-ordinating the terror being waged upon us. We only have to look at the Danforth shooter's connections to a known group armed with close to three dozen mostly new in the box weapons and 42 kilograms of the nerve agent carfentanil. Even though identified, he was NOT on the police radar. That can only mean they were a state sponsored black operation either gone rogue or deployed with remaining assets to massage public opinion to pass gun control legislation. 

There is a massive state sponsored propaganda war being waged on the Canadian people as well so that we are brainwashed to accept militant terrorists from the Syrian War as migrants. Included in the mix can be many, many Rambos suffering all sorts of disorders and toxic drug mixes. We are not permitted to talk about that. We are to embrace them, suffer casualties and turn our thoughts and emotions on innocent Canadians who just happen to participate in the shooting sports so the government can disarm the slaves before they reason the treason among us. 

Halifax university student Loretta Saunders

There are other facets to the story that are disturbing as well. Constable Costello was seconded to the RCMP to look into sex trafficking in the past. That's a red hot issue in the world and in Canada. Three RCMP Officers were slaughtered in New Brunswick. Constables Fabrice Georges Gevaudan, Douglas James Larche and David Joseph Ross were shot by a crazed gunman armed with a rifle. They were members of the detachment that investigated the murder of Halifax university student Loretta Saunders. She was looking into the deaths of the missing and murdered native women. I believe there may well have been a connection. If we don't have a Jihadi angle in this assassination, then there's a distinct possibility Constable Costello was another man who knew too much. 

In another incident retiring Waterloo Regional Police Officer David Mackintosh was arrested by the London Police human trafficking division. The head of the unit, Sgt. Michael Hay, was charged under The Police Act for showing favor to the accused by releasing him unconditionally. Mr. Mackintosh was killed by a transport truck on Highway 401. It is possible he committed suicide. 

So there are two possible reasons the identity of the killer is being withheld. Either one bestows the Canadian deep state with the responsibility of releasing despotic evil among the humble flock. With the state actors and the propaganda matrix walking arm in arm, the truth will be repressed until it can be tweaked into a more benign form. Perhaps new identities are being manufactured to mask our holy warrior or records are being destroyed as to what Constable Costello may have seen while deployed to the RCMP. 

Another facet to the trend is our evil liberal government feels handguns are the greatest evil in the hands of a would be killer. A lesson in ballistics just occurred in Fredericton. Rifles are far more powerful and accurate. If a handgun was used three people would most likely still be with us. The rifle can penetrate the bullet froof vests. Most pistols can't. If a rifle was used in the Danforth shooting, I doubt there would have been any survivors either. The police responded with handguns it appears. The suspect lives. So the clock is ticking. The longer the state refuses to release the name of the killer the more likely he is either a freelance or state sponsored Jihadi. 

Police have just identified the assassin from Fredericton. He is Matthew Vincent Raymond. So it would appear that the latter circumstance may be the issue. We still cannot rule out if Raymond was a convert or just a disturbed individual. No photograph was released with the name which is unusual as well. So we'll have to wait to see the outcome. The long delay in identification still allows our formula to include a state agent. 

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