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Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on August 2, 2018 at 5:55 PM

As you may or may not be aware the thought police removed my account at Vimeo. All these shows are not available. The Trust & Safety Commissar will review the case and report to the Thought Police. If you ever thought the NWO was a day in the park, you are sadly mistaken. Years of work and effort are no longer available. It is just a general push on dissidents before the gulag. Mike Adams of Natural News has granted us a channel so that we can continue. Support him and his products in this time of crisis. There might not be much time left. This proves how serious the times are. Infowars is taking the hit as well as microbroadcasters like myself. I fully believe there was a terror cell operating in Toronto with a nerve agent. They are pulling out all the stops to prevent this story from getting out. Share it yourself before it is too late. There may have been more than one.


There are a few episodes on other media players available. I will try to restore some of the more popular episodes. It is a lot of work. Vimeo even locked me out of my page. The right to free speech is just that not the right to government approved free speech. The swine say only the police and the military should have arms while they control all thought and opinion. That's called a police state by the way. They also loot the public purse and off shore the money. As Joan Montgomery opined in our interview, they plan to have us enslaved before we figure it out. Don't take too long. They're not joking. 

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