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Posted by George Freund on July 23, 2018 at 12:10 AM

I feel foolish for not recognizing the significant coded material contained within the New York Daily News cover for the post summit meeting. I imagine it was the revulsion factor for how the controlled media print the most infantile forms of propaganda and even expect that these efforts will twist the opinions of the masses to turn away from the one and only hope to overwhelm the criminal cabal attempting to form a world totalitarian government before it is too late. That epic tipping point was just on the horizon because it may have just been a few years away had the Clinton crime family been elected to office again in another betrayal of the election process exemplified by the fake left, right paradigm. Both parties in pretty much all countries have been infiltrated and controlled by the globalist whore mongers. There is no choice, and there hasn't been for a long time until The Donald ran for office.

The in your face element is the street sign Fifth Avenue. Of course Fifth Avenue was in the news shortly thereafter when a massive underground explosion tore up the street at 21st Street. Fifth Street is well known for many landmarks like Trump Towers of all things. It has a terminus at Washington Square Park, and who is the resident of the American palace in Washington? The Donald of course. 

There is another coded reference in the twilight language as well. The Google algorithm revealed an address in the numbers 6822 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn. It is a small donuts shop in a rapidly expanding Muslim area. Many of the business signs are in America's new second language Arabic. That peaked my interest severely because there were signs across the street at the movie theater about the coming attractions. In the holographic theory of the universe that is rather profound. 

6822 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn

You will notice the establishment next door is the KING Halal Market. Who is the king of the world at this time? It is The Donald of course. The show piece address is Mike's Donuts and Coffee. What could possibly be the reference? How about Archangel Michael. Michael leads the armies of God against Satan in the Book of Revelation. He is victorious. The King Donald is leading the forces of the remnant nations against the globalist cabal of Satanic forces. It is as clear as day. 

There is a theater across the street. It is called the Alpine. That is a very complex word implying technological devices in computer guidance, locations, a race, and a fictional soldier Alpine in the G.I. Joe series. Ironically he saves the Statue of Liberty from an attack by kicking in the cockpit of the offending craft. That's quite a sore point in American history. We have American Assassin playing as a coming attraction as well as the Hitman's Bodyguard. In the former, we have a CIA black ops and a missing nuclear weapon. In the latter there is a hit man eliminating witnesses of a crime involving a despot leader. Starting a false flag war on Russia and the Clinton retirement list comes to mind. Presently The First Purge and The Equalizer 2 are playing. Will they purge the patriots from the dialectic with the induced street revolution? The second film entails an investigation of a death involving a phone with military encryption. One of those sort was recovered in Las Vegas as you mind recall. However, this film involves Brussels out NATO capital. 

Of course the business next door is the Galaxy selling comic books like G.I. Joe and they have the large 'S' on their sign for the Superman. Is it The Donald? Other terms like GOP and NRA are highlighted. They open amazing twilight language doors. GOP as numbers of the alphabet are 8 15 16. That number returns from Google's algorithm as a vaccine from the TV series LOST. A plane disappears over the Pacific crashing onto a bizarre island unlike anything ever thought of. Does it represent the secret history of the Earth? Did it foretell the loss of a Malaysian airliner in another ocean

If we add the double digit numbers, we get 867. That's a loaded return from the algorithm and one of great intrigue. The USS Stribling was DD 867. It played a role in the Gulf of Tonkin the false flag event that started the Vietnam War later on. She was involved in many Middle East crises as well. She also was involved in tailing a real hunt for red October on the 22nd of October while with the 6th Fleet. Have you noticed the numbers from the Daily News? In still top secret file, she attacked a French submarine in a drill with a dummy rocket. That opens the door to the false flag attack to be blamed on the other character in the News President Putin. 

On December 15, 1989 flight KLM 867 from Amsterdam to Tokyo lost all four engines and had to make an emergency landing in Alaska. Hopefully, they aren't planning knocking out the engines of the traitor or his cohort in crime somewhere along the line. There were allegations they targeted President Putin's plane in an error over Flight MH 17 in The Ukraine as he was returning home. 

The NRA features the numbers 14 18 1. The Google algorithm returned a comic book. Imagine that with the Galaxy in the broth. It was called KICK-ASS #1. I wonder who number 1 is? I know they want to kick his ass. Now it gets really interesting with all sorts of Scripture

The commander of the fortress is in danger. He is placed in shelter in the Temple of Soloman in Jerusalem.  “Let us meet together in the house of God, within the temple, and let us close the doors of the temple, for they are coming to kill you, and they are coming to kill you at night.”" (Nehemiah 6:10) The details of the link above leave one breathless because afterall:

Arad #18 is important to Bible students because:

Arad ostracon inscription #18 contains "YHWH" the name of God!

The inference is so clear with eyes to see. The Donald is the chosen and protected one of God YHWH. Vladimir Putin is also his ally in the defence of the island Earth from the villains attempting to wrest control from the people and divert the creation to the service of Satan. It gets more interesting. Adding the double digit numbers in NRA  gives us 591. The most amazing thing returns from Google's algorithm. USS LCI(L)-591 a relatively obscure vessel from WWII. It and other vessels were secretly transferred to the Soviet navy in the struggle against Japan in something called Project Hula a program I was not aware of. The inference cannot be more clear. There is a secret pact between the American and Russian militaries to unite against the anti-Christ forces of the Earth and vanquish them. There is great risk and treachery. However, this is the struggle for the ages. As in the old TV series Early Edition tomorrow's news is coded in the newspaper. I am one of the few who can read it never mind even begin to understand it. It was one of the few shows I thought really good for children. I watched it with mine never realizing I would be given the ability to see tomorrow's news today. For it is written for those with eyes to see. In YHWH's name. 

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