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Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on June 7, 2018 at 11:20 AM

It is an amazing thing the lengths people will go to control thought and opinion while pretending to be purveyors of truth and independent thought. As a case in point, I posted on the Gary Bell Facebook page. I seldom ever use Facebook, but universe was telling me things were not going well with Gary. I was a staple on his show at the beginning in the post 9/11 world we were imprisoned in. In the first few months there was talk they were going to cancel the show. I got the call to get on board and liven it up with him. Over the months and years, it became all the rage. I was assigned a code name so I could be identified and we moved mountains on both Canadian and international issues. A vast fan base was established. Saturday nights became the talk of the town. Other media personalities would chomp on the bit on what revelations Toronto would rock with as we trudged through the week. There were plots and conspiracies and public admonitions of our ruthless leaders especially in the Bush junta. 

You couldn't go anywhere without running into patrons of the show. We got close at studies at the U of T and traded notes. I was doing an internet show called Spyman with Agent Lady Bug the other half of AM640's Cloak & Dagger team. We had a unique knack either no one understands or is willing to admit they understand. We could read the coded messages they put in the popular press. There are no surprises as Richard Syrett's old theme some went Everybody Knows. However, these concepts are still very well censored. 

The party couldn't last forever. Lights burned late in the White House too. President Bush ground his teeth on Saturday nights while the military might of the United States executed whole villages of people in the Middle East. I'm on authority from the other faction in the Troika of Toronto truth Cloak & Dagger that he made a call to Prime Minister Martin to end the run. His comment was short and effective. "Get those f****** ass***** off the air." They cancelled Cloak. I remember introducing the armored civilian warfare vehicle on the Alex Jones appearance. That's armored forklifts if the nation is ever invaded by zombies or aliens to even the odds. I was censored from A View From Space. Only Gary survived the onslaught on his own until the end. 

Bush got more than he bargained for. I moved to Joyce Riley's The Power Hour on Genesis. They hadn't had that much fun since the days of Bill Cooper. Two hundred thousand wanted transmitters for short wave and 44 syndicated AM FM stations across the U.S. Bush didn't have to stay up late anymore. He could choke on his breakfast coffee in the Oval Office. The Power Hour became the fourth most popular morning show in the United States. I set up shop at That Channel for Conspiracy Cafe. We were an institution. 

But that is only part of the story. With our network of fans we covered the downtown very, very well. There were eyes and ears everywhere trained in the finer arts of observation. I doubt there wasn't a cab driver anywhere not spotting. We had various security people and club doorman in the fold as well. There weren't too many places you could go in the Toronto scene without being seen. We know how false flags and fake terror works. In the major events people saw it coming and had no will or means to take it off the tracks. Not this town. A fan got the tip. There was a massive police and military operation going on in the docks. I checked it out. It was intense. I'd never seen anything like it. Our tipster was stopped by police who demanded his camera since he inadvertently photographed the operation. They deleted his pictures, but his eyes were focused. They were swarming around a ship in the docks called the Algobay connected to Prime Minister Martin. 

I blacked out and started staking the place out. It was horrific. Suburban after Suburban in and out every few minutes. Then the army came with trucks towing trailers marked Danger Explosives. I followed them downtown. There were regular runs to the core. There was no mistake about it our 9/11 was in the works. There was only one recourse to blow their cover. CFRB's The Nightside was the vehicle. The Power Hour was the finale. I don't know if Joyce understood the severity of the issue, but the operation was shut down. We checked it out in the daylight and everything was secured. We surmise the ferry service to Rochester was a ruse to get the U.S. element into Canada. I mean who's going to go to Rochester. 

A month later shock and awe swept the nation. The patsies who would have been fried in the operation were paraded to the world as the Toronto 18 led and supplied by RCMP informant and CSIS agent Mubin Shaikh. Read his bio at the link and see what the case was built around. He led them to prison. If it succeeded, maybe to their deaths. He is now the expert for TV news. The attack was averted. That was the secret history of A View From Space that very few know about or will ever comprehend. We became a defacto intelligence agency for the oppressed. I called it the GIA or God's Intelligence Agency. This is the living history behind the scenes. We stopped our 9/11 cold. We would have been drawn into the coalition and been mired in the Iraq war. Our country would have been turned into a total police state with little hope we would ever extricate ourselves from. Those were the days. That was the power of the spoken word on an open forum. I got the transport truck across the highway trick reward, and God saved my life in the most amazing of miracles. 

We all went our own ways, time marched on, and the memory hole swallowed up the post 9/11 days. Richard got axed at CFRB for revealing 9/11 truths, Gary got axed for revealing America's ambitions in Syria in my opinion. The last show date was Nov. 11, 2018. The numerology was clear. 11 11 1. 3 X 11 is 33 that infamous number leaves a clear signature on the deal. In short order he got sick. He died from a devastating cancer. I posted some material on his Facebook page. The idea was for people to meet and exchange ideas. Many people have and many people do. I shared some of my work. Gary followed it very intensely in those wild days. What is the harm in truth and understanding the great game? Who could possible object? In days past it was President Bush and the police state machination. Today is was the site administrator Patrick. That struck me for a loop. I'd thought he was a fellow traveler.

Someone asked a question to which I knew the answer. Wouldn't it be better if Gary's fans knew about the cancer cartel and the alternative cures? 

The more educated eyes and ears we have the better our joint collective security. I laid it out to God. He responded with Fast & Furious the program where the DEA gave guns to Mexican drug gangs to trace them. Are the powers that be giving books to free thinkers to add them to the infamous 'list?' It is too frightening to consider, but...understanding the Google codes and reading future ops in the press can avert false flag terror. There has to be many seeing the formation of it and not realizing the significance. As John Michael of CKTB once screamed at me in the you're either with us or against talking point, "Who's side are you on!" I'm on the side of Jesus Christ not the deep state. We hope and pray you are too. 

Isn't this the root of everything we face. Why shouldn't we know about this? Is Patrick with the fallen ones? Others suggest reading materials and promote their 'own work.' 

Then the tribute I wrote seemed beautifully put to this fan, but evil to the moderator. I thought it was rather poignant myself. In fact when Gary passed, a rainbow enveloped my country home. It was the most amazing thing. Was it his message of hope, or was he just saying I'm Space and I'm out? God Bless you Gary Bell. I remember one of the faithful leading a prayer when I was in hospital. I wish we could have all returned the favor. We will do a tribute show over the weekend and reminisce. An era has ended. Most of us will not give up the fight. Others will censor it for whatever darkness resides within them. There are choices we must all make. Patrick sealed off the Gary Bell Facebook page to stifle free speech. One of the faithful suggested taking it down. Has it come to this? Perhaps we'll have to start another. We would even allow Comrade Patrick to post from his lair. The whole essence of A View From Space was it was a free speech exercise to escape the corporate borg. Patrick created a small virtual prison for us, but we have the key to the door here. 

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