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Celebrating S.P.L. Sørensen Google Doodle

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on June 1, 2018 at 12:35 PM

29 May 2018

This is a cause for celebration because there is usually an anniversary of birth or death or invention associated with the Google Doodle. In this case the S. P. L. Sørensen doodle has no anniversary. That leads us to conclude it was put together for its unique coding elements as a precocious warning of pending events. 

His first name is Søren which is Danish in origin and means severe, strict, or serious ergo this is a very implicit warning. There was a Captain Soren in The Matrix Reloaded. He commanded a rescue craft operated under fire of police and agents. This implies there will be a nefarious use of these agents. There was a Soren in the Underworld series of films. So we know we are dealing with a profound source of evil here. They are of the horror genre and prescient that we are dealing with vampires and plots related to the bloodline. Soren was a master of taming with a silver edged whip. 

S. P. L. Sørensen introduced the pH level to science. In a way it can be the ying and yang of existence a measure of good and evil. There is a Sorenson, California an UNINCORPORATED community. Imagine that almost all government are corporations. There is a Sorenson Institute for Political Leadership at the University of Virginia a state that is a mecca for intrigue. There is a Sorenson Codec for QuickTime inplying we have a code here. The most ambiguous is the Sorites Paradox originated by the American philosopher Roy Sorenson. 

Color gradient illustrating a sorites paradox, any adjacent colors being indistinguishable by the human eye

The paradox relates to the pile of sand perse. Is it still a pile if one grain is removed? Would a population still be a culture if a few were removed? What would they be if others were added? A further application involves change whether it is a large one or a small one. The difference beig whether it is a matter of fact or perception. In the New World's Order's quest for dominance facts are generally discarded and perception is created with advanced propaganda techniques. The truth becomes what has been molded by the manipulator. The concepts of family, gender and country spring to mind as the revolutionary changes. As we observe in the above illustration the subtle changes are invisible to the eye. The paradox seems to be acidic by nature of the color scheme. 

When we started putting the code into the search engine we started getting interesting results. At the end of the metamorphisis we got the GOOGLE with little blue bubbles with H+ inside of it. G2, O6, O4, G1, L3, E11. G2O6 is a controller for the Xbox and a voice app for a robot. Perhaps the controllers will apply a little game theory. O4G1 was a transaction code. L3E11 was a hint at reincarnation and cloning. It further referenced a presidential decree of Ferdinand Marcos of The Phillipines. 

g2h+o6+ led to the registration page for a race in Spain. It is in Beasain is the Basque region. It also has a result for a G&G TR16 MBR 308 WH airsoft rifle. That inplies the potential shooting event will be faked. There are two live action shooters drills that have occurred. One was in North Bay, Ontario and involved an air wing of the military police. The other was in Virginia. The University of Virginia was reporting on the analysis of the event ironically. That gives extreme accuracy in the use of Sorenson in the doodle. g2h+o6h+04h+ was very interesting. 

-----BEGIN PRIVACY-ENHANCED MESSAGE----- Proc-Type: 2001 ...

JJ8RB^E-0J\S2Z_5,@#6&J`65S-=GFN<>C$8OZL8@S,IBC/HF;%A MHK&`)6:++::"VN_>]BW!,BKN"2X$0&H`3^H`X_,QZK,6\K-T^K.3\G2H[G2M M(C(,%#0C'[3_&R ...




IRS NUMBER: 000000000



These continue with in sequence and imply there are expected issues with both the SEC and the banks. We could anticipate severe economic events in the near future. Perhaps a school shooting will take the headlines in its stead. A man named Trump was mentioned at the Virginia link. Everything will be blamed on the president. 

In the doodle graphic the characters change position. It will be like that in real time as well. The role reversal will paint the good as evil and evil as good. The actor victims will be given accolades while the perpetrators flee off stage. The usual suspects will bear the brunt of the criticism. Whether conservative, christian or constitutionalist they will feel the wrath of the NWO spin machine. Social media will play a profound role as well. 

ph11ph6 together yield an interesting search. We see chlorine used to purify water from bacterium and an issue with the Chunnel. Could it be a gas? We hope not, but those are some of the variables. Good luck all. Google has revealed their hand well. 

Synergistic Effects of Mutlitple Disinfectants: Revised Final Report

G. R. Finch, ‎AWWA Research Foundation, ‎American Water Works Association - 2000 - ‎Science

Cryptosporidium Giardia Bacillus 5°C 22°C 5°C 22°C Disinfectant combination pH6 pH8 pH11 pH6 pH8 pH11 pH6 pH8 pH11 pH6 pH8 Ozone-free chlorine ...

Engineering Geology of the Channel Tunnel

Colin S. Harris, ‎Paul M. Varley, ‎Colin D. Warren - 1996 - ‎Technology & Engineering

100 n a so 60- 40 20- PH11 PH6 PH4 (Upper) PH2 Key: Pi No. Oram) PH2 (4.6.89) PH4 (15.939) PH11 (23.2.90) PH6 (232.90) Figure 22.13 Variations in ...

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