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Massive joint terror response drill at Heathrow

Posted by George Freund on May 14, 2018 at 4:50 PM

More than 1,200 people were drafted in to make the two-day simulation at the terminal as realistic as possible

Armed police as well as firefighters and London Ambulance Service workers deployed for exercise Raptor

About 500 volunteers from the Metropolitan Police and LAS wore make-up during the codenamed operation

Armed police stormed Heathrow Airport to rescue actors playing the parts of hostages as they trained for a potential terror attack on British soil.

Anti-terror officers carried out a live drill on the outskirts of London as they prepared for a similar attack to that carried out in Brussels Airport in 2016.

Police in full tactical gear swarmed the abandoned terminal's train station as they trained alongside paramedics and firefighters as part of an operation codenamed Raptor, which stretched over two days.

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