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Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on May 10, 2018 at 11:30 AM

I would imagine they know they're under observation, or they are entering a dark phase in preparation for the 23rd May celebration to Vulcan. Anyway they haven't reported their position for over 14 hours. 

Yesterday she was at P. Banta near a smoldering volcano. 

They say you can't throw a stone along the ring of fire without hitting a volcano. 

Octopus started sailing towards Pulau Komodo at 2-3 knots. Mount Tambora the site of one of the most severe eruptions ever recorded is on the island of Sumbawa immediately to the west of P.Banta. It occurred in 1815 and was rated VEI-7. Krakatoa was VEI-6. We are concerned by the unnamed tanker in the vicinity. It has left the area as of today. 

There is another unnamed yacht at P. Banta. Octupus has been cruising back and forth between P. Banta and Pulau Komodo as of yesterday at a very slow speed. That could mean she was sailing in company with her submarine Pagoo. The Tubilustria of May arrives soon. If there is an eruption, you heard about it here first. The Tubilustria was to make the army fit for war. 

After the feint, Octopus has plenty of time to make Sumbawa while off the radar. I should expect to find her there if I were a betting man. 

Octopus played cat and mouse the last little while sailing back and forth between P. Banta and Rinca. She was in the dark through most of the day. Her present position is quite due west. 

She's presently near Bali. She would have had to pass Mount Tambora in the journey. We just can't be certain if she lingered. Going dark spells ominous in my opinion. 

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