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Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on January 22, 2018 at 8:25 AM

There are levels of complexity in the dynamic to wage war between nations, subvert people of these nations into compliance with deception and intimidation, and gain mastery of the repressed secret knowledge of the Earth and its vagaries. The elite rich, the primary component of the deep state, have the knowledge at their disposal and the resources to control elected and appointed representatives of government. Many of their plans are in the threshold of three dimensional chess. If we factor in supposed advanced civilizations existing on the periphery of our own, then we gravitate to a fourth dimensional game. I call it World Global Domination the sport of kings, and make no mistake about it the elite rich are kings of the Earth. 

Few, if any, can even begin to comprehend the intricate nuances that connect many of the issues we face today or in any day of ages past. That is why, as people, we have been victims of wars and atrocities because at whatever level the chess board is set, we are but mere ponds cast aside like so much detritus. It is our own fault really because we are inured to the lowest common denominator and rarely aspire to anything more. Even our vaunted alternative media frequently involves nothing more than mire in the gossip of the diversion set by the deep state without ever getting even close to the heart of the matter. The Cafe has tried to rise to a higher common denominator over the years to have a ring side seat in the great game. Even when presented with great facts many if not most short circuit with severe limitations to their own mind control programs. They cannot comprehend there are deeply embedded programs that limit their abilities to analyze data never mind alter the programming in the ultimate liberation. Even when presented with logic and the laws of thought the neurons remain inactive to amend the new data and flounder. There are a few with that ability. They are, perhaps, the only hope to escape the paradigm. 

One of the main goals of the elite rich, who are deeply Satanic in their belief systems, is to destroy the Earth in an apocalyptic war or conflict to basically destroy God's creation. They have other softer agenda to apply on the micro such as altering the DNA, the nature of family relationships and gender with the goal of merging life with non life artificial intelligence. We are ultimately destined to be the Borg as they were featured on Star Trek cyborgs. They stampede us like cattle into various traps using the Hegelian Dialectic. We fall into these traps very easily because the media uses advanced propaganda and mind control techniques and people are very unaware of this. As a case in point there was a scare over Hawaii recently. A civil defense emergency was given about an incoming missile threat. It was rescinded in less than an hour, and a cover story was released. An errant employee sent out the message by mistake. The story has been an internet sensation by perhaps well meaning individuals with limited knowledge. They developed better cover stories that might put their credibility at stake as agents of another Operation Mockingbird. Many of the top disseminators are being outed as purveyors of hope porn mystical forces that will save the day while we sit on our collective asses. 

To make matters worse an alert was given for Japan as well. The less informed immediately expanded the cover story to perceived hacking of government computers used for civil defense. They have no knowledge of the movements of military forces through the various conflict zones and limited knowledge of military history. There was a report of a Chinese submarine lurking off shore. As tensions mount over North Korea, China is committed to defend their communist brethren unless they attack the west first. 

The false flag attack is the primary requisite to commence hostilities with the popular support of the people who are about to be sacrificed. Pearl Harbor was a classic example as well as the Gulf of Tonkin incident and most recently 9/11. The records for the first two have been released. It may take another generation of two to get the third. At that time few will care. History is so in the past to matter no matter how often it repeats. One of the best investigative reporters, Jim Stone, has postulated there was an incoming missile threat and it was shot down and the submarine that fired it was sunk. To many that would seem inconceivable because they have been brainwashed to the mainstream mind control media. However, I'm familiar with his work on Fukushima and hold him in high regard. Furthermore, there were witnesses at sea who saw a missile intercepted. 

His assertion came with the proviso Israel fired the missile from one of their German submarines. He further alleges one is missing. I cannot confirm that. However, there is a pre-existing missing submarine at this point of time. It is Argentina's San Juan a German built submarine that has had a refit to upgrade its systems. It was on a secret mission for the 'last' voyage it made. There were reports of an explosion. All searches revealed no trace of the craft. The Russians duplicated the effort most likely because they had good reason to doubt the story. As a former peace officer, I'm aware of the fundamentals. As a good criminal, you wouldn't leave your own car at a crime scene. You would steal, or as in this case, divert another. The level of complexity would be intense. The complicity of state actors would also be required. It would seem inconceivable, but after stumbling on some key information, I'd say it is most likely the scenario involved. 

Since the days of the postwar escape of Nazi's from Europe, South America has been a focal point of various power elites to establish centers for refuge. The Argentine military has believed the Israeli's had a plan to invade Patagonia. It was called the Andinia Plan. It was labeled 'conspiracy' theory. However, there is a plan well along the way to buy large tracts of land for Israel with British billionaire Joe Lewis and George Soros leading the pack. The Chileans have given Israel a submarine base. They are preparing a vast tunnel complex as well. The area is twice the size of Spain. The Israeli military rotate thousands of troops through the area. Housing on a grand scale has been built with reports of 100,000 dwellings. You don't have to be a Doomsday Prepper to understand this is the grandest doomsday preparation ever attempted save and except China's. China by the way has established a space base in the region. The United States has established military bases as well. There is one land based at the border with Paraguay, Bolivia and Brazil. The other is at the Chilean port of Concón. This opens the suspect base significantly. 

Comrade Google has recently coded the other inner Earth access point renowned through history with their Zhou Youguang's 112 Birthday Google Doodle. It took us to the lost civilization of Guge and Mount Kailash in Tibet. The subsequent Mahasweta Devi's 92 Birthday Google Doodle continued the journey. China is starting a massive tunnel project there. It may be cover for a deeper assault on the firmament. We are so woefully uninformed on these matters that we cannot even begin to claim an hypothesis on events. There have been bizarre happenings that rival our scientific capabilities as well in Russia, SiberiaMichigan and California to name a few. Ever since the infamous Norwegian spiral we have been at the door of the impossible. Are we in conflict with an advanced civilization or have we developed weapons that are beyond any ever contemplated before? The elites are preparing for the end of the world. We are consumed by trite bits of gossip. However, if we broaden our horizons, we can see the secret mission of the ARA San Juan being diversion to an off the books submarine base, fitting out with a weapons system to launch a missile at Hawaii to be blamed on North Korea, open conflict starting on the peninsula leading perhaps to a broader war requiring evacuation of the culprits to Patagonia's secret lair. You, as always, were left in the lurch in the dark. 

The motto of the Chilean Navy is Vencer o Morir ("Victory or Death"). The motto of the Argentine Navy is  Go under rather than surrender the flag. San Juan went under and didn't come back up. 

The airstrip to the Patagonian Area 51

You may be unused to the work done at the Cafe. That is unfortunate. In 2009 when the merchant ship Arctic Sea disappeared we tracked it to Cape Verde off the coast of Africa. Secretary of State Clinton was preparing to leave on Air Force 2 after her Africa tour. We said the ship was positioned to shoot her down. The Russian Navy came to her aid and arrested the ship. They found surface to air missiles aboard. In early 2012 the merchant vessel Thor Liberty was arrested in Finland with 69 Patriot missiles. It was released without charges with the missiles. We tracked her to a rendezvous with a ship arrested in the UK called Global Star. We surmised the weapons were to be transferred and directed to the Middle East to start a war. It was en route to a scrap yard and definitely off the radar. The owner of Thor Liberty thanked me for tracking the vessel as far as I did. We had the only reports of substance. Time will tell how well we surmised what happened to San Juan. However, the end of the world is to be celebrated in Patagonia. 

The road to Israel's elite Shangri-La. 

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