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Wild winds fan 'out of control' 45,500-acre-fire across Southern California

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on December 6, 2017 at 10:50 AM

The inferno grew from 50 acres to 31,000 acres in just 10 hours at a burn rate of nearly an acre per second

Flames from a 45,500-acre-wildfire have engulfed some homes and left others unscathed in Ventura

Fire officials say strong winds have spread the flames at random, burning 150 structures early Tuesday

More than 260,000 residents are without power and 27,000 have been forced to evacuate their homes

Officials say they expect the so-called Thomas Fire to burn at least 50,000 acres before it gets under control

About 500 firefighters are battling the blaze with fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters prepared to launch

A motorist was originally reported to be killed bu,t on Tuesday, authorities said no fatalities were confirmed

Fire officials said the intensity of the fire and the high winds have made the blaze pretty much unstoppable

Flames from a 45,500-acre-wildfire have been spreading randomly from strong winds leaving some homes burned to the ground and other homes untouched.

Live video feed from the brush fire that erupted in Ventura County, 70 miles northwest of Los Angeles, on Monday, showed houses completely consumed by flames sitting next to houses that were left unscathed.

The Ventura County Fire Department warned residents early on Tuesday that powerful Santa Ana winds - which carry hot and extremely dry air from inland, and gust from 40mph to 60mph - would increase the blaze's destruction.

The inferno, known as the Thomas Fire, has forced 27,000 residents to evacuate and hundreds of homes are expected to be consumed before the fire is brought under control.

In the first 10 hours, the fire grew from 50 acres to 31,000 acres at a burn rate of approximately one acre per second.

More than 260,000 residents have been without power and 150 structures have so far been destroyed during the blaze, which is at zero percent containment.

Before dawn on Tuesday, officials issued an update that the fire was 'out of control'.

The Bible was very clear about the end times. The world would be destroyed by fire. This is a small example of what is to come. Imagine a multitude of nations burning like this. The Bible was also very clear that some would be spared and while many were taken. Get right with God while you can. Man's folly will drown you in the lake of fire.

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